Yuga Labs Forms Bored Ape Community Council Made Up of Web3 Founders and BAYC Holders

Bored Ape parent company Yuga Labs has assembled a new community council to represent the club.
Image source: Yuga Labs

Quick take:

  • Yuga Labs said the council is made up of long-standing proactive community members.
  • The council will focus on providing community feedback to Yuga Labs.
  • The council will also work with the BAYC and MAYC community on community-driven initiatives.

Bored Ape parent company, Yuga Labs, announced on Wednesday that it has assembled a new community council to represent the club at large. The council is made up of seven members who are Web3 founders, creatives, and Bored Ape early adopters.

Yuga Labs wrote in a blog post that the council was formed to help the community “grow and thrive” and that the council members have been “proactively and positively contributing to the club since the start.”

The council members include Josh Ong, the co-founder of Web3 marketing agency and fund, Bored Room Ventures; Laura Rod, founder of community building and advising company, The Miami Ape; 0xEthan, the head of growth at Metaverse News; and others.

Ong received a community grant to organise the first unofficial IRL BAYC meetups and helped plan the Apefest 2021 Yacht Party, while 0xEthan writes a daily newsletter for the BAYC community.

Yuga’s motive behind forming the council was to give its community a forum to provide feedback and voice ideas. The seven council members will work with the Yuga, BAYC/MAYC community on community-driven initiatives such as commercial projects, meetups, and charitable giving.

The council is autonomous, meaning that it’s not governed by the company. The members will each be contributing their individual skill sets and ideas, and Yuga will work with them to bring the best ideas to life.

Yuga said that more council members are likely to be added over time and that it is also exploring the needs of other Yuga NFT communities like CryptoPunks, Meebits and Otherside.

It’s unclear how Yuga selected the council members and community reactions to the news have been largely positive on Twitter, while some Twitter users have been recommending people that they would want in the next batch of members added to the council. Tech reporter Asa Hiken made a point as he tweeted: “Yuga appears to have personally selected who will represent the community, as opposed to a vote amongst holders…”

Whether Yuga will take this into consideration and hold a vote amongst the community for the next batch of council members remains to be seen.

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