Polygon Teams Up with Ready Games to Launch Web3 Mobile Game SDK

The new developer toolkit will be offered through the dApp Store Kit, enabling developers to easily build and launch mobile web3 games.
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Quick take:

  • Polygon Labs has partnered with Ready Games to onboard mobile games to web3.
  • The layer 2 Ethereum scaling protocol will integrate Ready Games’ development tech stack to launch a web3 mobile game SDK.
  • The web3 game development toolkit will be offered through EVM-compatible dApp Store Kit.

Polygon Labs has partnered with Ready Games to launch a software developer kit for mobile web3 games. The Layer 2 Ethereum scaling protocol will incorporate Ready Games web3 gaming tech stack to enable developers to build mobile web3 games.

According to the announcement, the Web3 Mobile Game Development Kit will be offered through the EVM-based dApp Store Kit. This will enable mobile game makers to integrate web3 elements into their games without compromising their usability. 

Ready Games’ technology stack for web3 games offers a one-stop shop for integrating all the necessary elements of Web3 on-chain support including integrated wallets, on-chain user profiles, and on-chain interaction, among others.

According to the announcement, Ready Games’main target for its newest product is mobile free-to-play games, as it aims to onboard masses to burgeoning the industry. The company also plans to launch its dApp Store on the dApp Store Kit, alongside the developer toolkit.

Commenting on her company’s partnership with Polygon, Christina Macedo, COO of Ready Games said: “The integration of Ready Games’ SDK into the dApp Store Kit is a monumental step towards making Web3 gaming accessible to billions of mobile gamers worldwide. By prioritizing a player-focused approach, we’re not only bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 but also shaping the future of gaming by fostering innovation, engagement, and rewarding experiences.”

David S. Bennahum, CEO of Ready Games added: “By harnessing the power of Ready’s cutting-edge Web3 gaming technology in conjunction with the robust dApp Store Kit, we are poised to reshape the landscape of mobile gaming. This integration paves the way for a new era of immersive and decentralized gaming experiences that will drive mass adoption of Web3 technology.”

The company is anticipating launching the Beta version of its Web3 Mobile Game Development Kit on the dApp Store Kit in mid-June 2023.

Ravikant Agrawal, Director of Growth at Polygon Labs said that web3 dApp Stores can play a crucial role in the growth of the web3 community. “Gaming is a critical focus area for the Web3 ecosystem, and dApp stores represent an innovative way forward in driving improved user experience and engagement.”


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