Polygon NFT Market Sees Millions In 30-Day Volume, TON Collections On a Rise And Reddit NFTs Reach 2 Major Milestones

Polygon NFT market seems over $13M in 30-day volume, TON collections are experiencing a rise in interest, and Reddit NFTs see 2 major milestones

Polygon NFT ecosystem

Despite of y00ts leaving Polygon‘s ecosystem, the Polygon NFT market saw over $13.2M in 30-day volume. Peaked on August 9, with over $830K in a single day’s volume.

  • Comparing Polygon-based NFT marketplaces: Over 53% of the volume occurred on OpenSea ($7.1M), 29% on Dew ($3.9M), 6.1% on Rarible ($813K), and 5.3% on MagicEden ($706K).
  • WETH vs Matic: Over 59% of the NFT trading on Polygon-based marketplaces is performed via WETH. $7.5M in 30-day was traded in WETH on Polygon-based marketplaces, while $5M was traded in Matic.
  • Daily Active Users: In the past 30 days, Polygon-based NFT marketplaces have experienced over 5.9K DAU. On July 23rd it peaked at 21.6K users in a single day.

Top TON-Based Collections

The top 3 TON-Based NFT collections saw over $2.1M in 7 day volume, Telegram Usernames, Anonymous Telegram Numbers, and TON DNS Domains.

Anonymous Telegram Numbers was the biggest collection in terms of volume, with $1.1M in volume, while the biggest one in terms of the number of sales was Telegram Usernames, seeing 3.7K in 7-day sales.

Last year, Telegram’s founder ,Pavel Durov, said Telegram is thinking about integrating web3 with username auctions seen as a potential vertical.

Reddit Collectible Avatars

There are now over 16M holders of the Reddit Collectible Avatars, holding a total of 20 million Avatars on the Polygon blockchain, 14% of holders hold more than 1 Collectible Avatar, while 13.7M hold a single one.

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