Motoko Sentinels Ushers In a New Era of Dynamic Ordinals on Bioniq

The gamified Runes and Ordinals NFT collection launched shortly before the Bitcoin halving event.
Image source: Motoko Sentinels

Quick take:

  • Although general Ordinals sales were down 58% the day after halving amid high fees, Motoko experienced a 20% rise in volume.
  • Motoko is still the top collection on Bioniq with an all-time volume of 4.06399591 (ckBTC chain-key BTC).
  • Motoko Sentinels holders can complete missions to earn experience points (XP), which unlock new layers of art.

Motoko Sentinels, a Runes and Ordinals NFT collection on the Bioniq continues to dominate sales on the Bitcoin Ordinals marketplace with 4.06399591 (ckBTC chain-key BTC). Launched shortly before the Bitcoin halving event, the collection saw a 20% increase in transaction volume despite the high ee environment. On the contrary, the general Ordinals transaction volume decreased by 58%.

Bioniq Ordinals Marketplace uses Internet Computer Protocol’s (ICP) ckBTC, enabling it to maintain transaction costs at 10 sats regardless of the fee environment on the native chain. The team behind the platform believes this played a role in Motoko’s post-halving performance.

Motoko Sentinel’s launch on Bioniq makes it the first large-scale gamified Runes and Ordinals collection on the platform, ushering in a new era of gamified collections. “[It] highlights a key strategic move for the marketplace towards enabling additional functionality for Ordinal collections,” the company wrote in a press material shared with NFTgators.

According to the announcement, creators can use Bioniq’s game standard to leverage NFT-holder interactions, creating intricate games based on the Ordinal NFTs. This unlocks more ways for the platform’s communities to engage and interact with the collectibles.

According to Bioniq, dynamic ordinals are not only giving more utility to holders but also adding more flexibility to the fledgling Ordinals ecosystem. 

ICP’s direct interaction with Bitcoin enables Bioniq to augment static Ordinals with advanced features by leveraging ICP smart contracts.

Created by Jon Ball of Poked Studios, Motoko leverages the iconic Motoko ghost character, re-imagined in a sleeker 3D format while paying homage to the rough nature of a sentinel. The 3D-animated artwork contains 10,000 items with each item depicting a Sentinel flying through space.

Source: Bioniq

Commenting on the announcement, Bob Bodily, Bioniq CEO said in a statement: “Sentinels are a great showcase of amazing art coupled with the latest in Ordinal and Bitcoin Layer-2 technology. While static Ordinals are about art and culture, new dynamic Ordinals are more about engagement and experience. We believe that new developments in Bitcoin L2s will make Ordinals the most exciting tech stack for NFT, gaming and more.”

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