Minecraft Bans NFTs, Sends NFT Worlds Native Token Down 70%

Minecraft has banned NFTs and any type of blockchain integration from its game, sending one of the leading in-game builder’s token plummeting.
Image source: NFT Worlds/YouTube

Quick take:

  • Minecraft has banned NFTs and blockchain integrations from its game.
  • The Microsoft-owned gaming platform said Wednesday the decision was taken “to ensure Minecraft players have a safe and inclusive experience.”
  • The ban sent blockchain-based in-game builder NFT World’s native token spiralling, falling more than 70%.

Minecraft has decided against integrating blockchain and NFTs into its game. The Microsoft-owned gaming ecosystem announced Wednesday that it wants nothing to do with non-fungible tokens or digital collectibles.

In a lengthy blog post titled Minecraft and NFTs, the developers of the popular game wrote: 

“To ensure that Minecraft players have a safe and inclusive experience, blockchain technologies are not permitted to be integrated inside our client and server applications, nor may Minecraft in-game content such as worlds, skins, persona items, or other mods, be utilised by blockchain technology to create a scarce digital asset.”

The announcement instantly sent the native token of NFT Worlds plunging, falling more than 70%. 

NFT Worlds is a blockchain-based in-game builder that allows creators to launch virtual experiences like concerts, community hangouts, play-to-earn competitions and more.

Players gain access to various experiences and worlds through ownership of $WRLD, the ecosystem token that facilitates transactions inside NFT worlds.

NFT Worlds is built on top of Minecraft, an already thriving gaming ecosystem. The NFT Worlds game launcher enables players to automate and install NFT Worlds-specific Minecraft mods, including visual quality of life updates, blockchain-specific UI and more.

The platform bears a pixilated look, similar to Minecraft and The Sandbox. The platform had approximately 10,000 NFT worlds before Minecraft took the decision to ban blockchain integrations.

By building its gaming platform on Minecraft, NFT Worlds created an avenue to onboard mainstream gamers to the blockchain. This was the most exciting aspect of the game in the eyes of investors.

However, following Minecraft’s banning of NFTs, the outlook for NFT Worlds has undoubtedly changed.

NFT Worlds sent a statement to their community on Discord insisting that the game is not going anywhere and that they would explore options for the future, including creating their own Minecraft world.

“The option from here is to transition into our own Minecraft-like game engine and games platform,” NFT Worlds wrote.

Source: NFT Worlds/Twitter

Some community members seemed excited by the statement shared on Twitter with VitaminB2 writing “when you have your own system, it’s a whole different story.”Another user SamDav wrote: “Great opportunity for @nftworldsNFT to break through the voxel roof glass and grow beyond a pixelated world.”

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