MetaMask Launches Beta Portfolio Dapp For Users to View All Their Assets Across Chains

MetaMask users can have an overview of all their crypto assets with the portfolio dApp.
Image source: ConsenSys

Quick take:

  • The portfolio dApp is available to browser extension and mobile users.
  • The portfolio aggregates accounts and assets across multiple chains.
  • Users can add an offline wallet, hardware wallet or ENS domain to their watchlist.

MetaMask today announced that it has launched a beta portfolio dApp that aggregates accounts and crypto assets across multiple chains so that users can have an overview of their assets in one place.

The portfolio dApp is available to browser extension and mobile users. To start using it, users can simply click the “Portfolio” link on their browser extension’s home screen to connect multiple accounts. 

In addition to that, users can also add an offline wallet or hardware wallet using the “watch any wallet” feature and name them to their liking. For instance, users can add “vitalik.eth” and name it “Cosmic Treasure Chest” in the dapp, and can remove, rename, and add as many accounts as they would like from the view.

Users can also add a friend’s ENS domain or public address to their watchlist. Various crypto tokens can also be added to the watchlist so that users can keep an eye on important market data.

While connecting to the dApp only works for MetaMask users, non-MetaMask users can still utilise Portfolio View by using the “watch any account” feature.

The portfolio dApp supports networks such as Ethereum, Optimism, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Abritrum, and Avalanche. Once the accounts from any of these chains are connected to the portfolio, users will be able to see their assets across these chains in one place.

The portfolio dApp also includes a toggle to the NFT side where users can get a holistic view of their digital art collection and other utility NFTs on Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon.

MetaMask plans to add new features to the portfolio dApp in the future.

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