Macy’s Eyes the Metaverse of Fashion with Mstylelab

The fashion retailer wants to create new immersive experiences blending both the physical and digital worlds of shopping.
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  • Macy’s has launched Mstylelab, a new digital platform that allows customers to create personalised digital items.
  • Mstylelab is built on the fashion-centric metaverse technology platform Journee.
  • The platform focuses on Macy’s newest brand On 34 and is accessible on any device, using any browser.

Macy’s has launched Mstylelab, a new digital platform that leverages the metaverse of fashion to bring immersive experiences to its customers. The new platform blends digital and physical environments allowing users to explore various immersive experiences through discovery, self-expression, and connectivity.

The platform is accessible on any device, using any browser and is open to the public to join, the community, create their usernames, collect a personalized digital item, and engage with the first activation. Mstylelab is built on the fashion-centric metaverse technology platform Journee.

Commenting on the announcement, Dave Torres, vice president of Interactive Marketing at Macy’s said: “We are excited to launch Mstylelab, the next evolution of our web3 digital strategy, creating a hub for style inspiration and discovery at the intersection of fashion and technology.”

“As we grow and evolve the Mstylelab digital platform and community, new activations and experiences will be brought to life creating immersive storytelling focused on fashion and style, in a fun and shoppable environment,” Torres added.

This is not Macy’s first foray into the metaverse, the US fashion and accessories retailer has been actively using the 3D virtual world to promote major shopping seasons including last year’s Thanksgiving celebrations, which saw it launch a parade metaverse experience.

Mstylelab, however, will focus on the company’s newest brand On 34 in a larger-than-life surrealist recreation of New York, which also marks the first activation with Journee, Macy’s wrote in the announcement.

Erika Lang, Head of Americas at Journee thinks this partnership will bring the future of fashion retail to a broader audience. 

“Consumers are seeking multiple touch points on multiple platforms to seamlessly integrate immersive virtual experiences into their customer journey. This innovative technology will propel the fashion industry – as well as many others – into its next phase. Reaching consumers where they are and providing new ways for them to shop and interact with one another is vital in order to deepen their relationships with brands,” said Lang.

Fans can easily access the new experience by using their profiles at profiles or creating a new one, which allows them to choose a Mstylelab username.


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