Lufthansa Airline Pivots to Web3 With a Customer Loyalty Program on Polygon

The German airline is building a Web3 version of its Uptrip loyalty program on Polygon to turn flights into rewards.
Image source: Polygon Labs on X.

Quick take:

  • Lufthansa joins the likes of Starbucks and Cymbiotika which have launched similar programs on Polygon.
  • The company has teamed up with Europe’s largest airline rewards program Miles & More to build Uptrip on the blockchain.
  • Travellers will be rewarded with NFT trading cards for every flight they take.

Lufthansa is pivoting to Web3 with a customer loyalty program built on Polygon. The German airline has teamed up with Europe’s biggest airline rewards program Miles & More to bring Uptrip to the blockchain.

Uptrip is Lufthansa’s rewards app. Travellers will now be rewarded with non-fungible token (NFT) trading cards for every flight they take, Lufthansa wrote in a post on X.

The new program will transform trips into collections of experiences, with each collection requiring a different card. Once completed travellers unlock different rewards including business lounge vouchers, free miles and frequent traveller status unlocks.

They feature different attributes, which are subcategorised into “Cities (Lisbon, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore and more), Airplanes (Airbus A320, Boeing 747, Embraer 190) and Specials (fly on New Year’s Eve, cross the North Pole, etc),” Polygon wrote in a blog post on Thursday.

Users will be able to mint, trade and transfer their own trading cards as NFT through their wallets. The program has already issued over 200,000 trading cards with 20,000 already in the program.

Miles & More, which also includes Swiss International Air Lines, Austrian Airlines, and others, counts over 38 million registered members in its loyalty program.

The Polygon Network has emerged as one of the preferred blockchains for mainstream companies looking to launch web3 products like loyalty programs and digital collectibles. Starbucks, Cymbiotika, Adobe, Stripe, Reddit and Robinhood are among those already building on the layer-2 Ethereum scaling network.

Lufthansa will be launching its new blockchain-based loyalty program on Polygon with a lot of optimism — at least based on the success of the likes of Starbucks. 

Last month, the US restaurant chain expanded its Starbucks Odyssey customer loyalty program with “The Green Apron” NFT collection. This is after successfully selling out its first two collections. Its first collection of 2000 NFTs sold out in seconds last year, before dropping a second collection of 5,000 in April 2023.


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