Alchemy Acquires ChainShot to Ramp Up Campaign for Free Web3 Programs

Leading blockchain API and infrastructure platform Alchemy has acquired web3 education service provider ChainShot for an undisclosed amount.
Image source: Alchemy

Quick take:

  • Alchemy has acquired ChainShot for an undisclosed amount.
  • The blockchain infrastructure platform wants to offer free educational programs on Web3.
  • ChainShot’s programs previously cost learners up to $3,000.

Alchemy has announced its acquisition of ChainShot. The blockchain infrastructure platform will integrate its newly acquired product to bring free web3 educational programs to the masses. 

ChainShot is a leading provider of blockchain-related courses, which cost learners up to $3,000. They will be offered at no charge to those looking to learn about Ethereum and all things crypto.

Alchemy did not disclose the value of the acquisition. 

ChainShot was founded in 2018 as a hackathon event, where developers compete to showcase their coding skills. It has since become one of the most dedicated platforms for web3 education.

“As for next steps, our goal is to make the integration of ChainShot’s programs and ours as smooth and seamless for students as possible. We’re still ironing out how the pieces will come together, but one thing is certain: all of ChainShot’s course content that previously cost upwards of $3,000 will be 100% free,” Alchemy wrote in a blog posted on its website.

Alchemy thinks ChainShot will provide a perfect complement to its own Web3 educational programs offered through Web3U and Road To Web3 platforms.

Just like ChainShot, Web3U and Road To Web3 platforms have experienced tremendous growth over the last 12 months, which Alchemy believes is an indication that there is an increase in demand for learning how to build in Web3.

Web3 is generally described as the next generation of the internet, which leverages emerging technologies including the blockchain, decentralised applications, artificial intelligence, and AR & VR to facilitate the creation of the metaverse.

Several organisations have already pivoted to web3, either through acquisitions or organically by creating new units dedicated to the burgeoning industry.

According to Alchemy, enrollment on ChainShot has almost tripled since January 2022 with “more than 86% of students that enrol seeing the program through to graduation, and more than 50% those securing a job within 6 months of graduating.” 

OpenSea, OpenZeppelin and Flashbots have been some of the leading recruiters of CoinShot graduates, while others have gone on to set up their own blockchain firms, the blog post reads.

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