Wellness Brand Cymbiotika Launches Web3 Customer Loyalty Program on Polygon

The San Diego, Calif-based nutritional company wants to reward its customers based on how long they remain on the program.
Image source: cymbiotika.com

Quick take:

  • Cymbiotika has jumped on the web3 train with a new customer loyalty program on Polygon.
  • The health and wellness company is joining the likes of Starbucks in a fast-growing trend.
  • Dubbed Arise, the program will enable customers to earn blockchain-based rewards that unlock exclusive discounts and offers.

Cymbiotika has announced a web3 customer loyalty program built on the Polygon blockchain. The San Diego Calif-based wellness brand is joining a growing list of companies looking to leverage blockchain technology to reward customers for their loyalty.

Dubbed Arise, the new loyalty program introduces a 4-tier blockchain-based system that unlocks different rewards based on how long the customers remain on the program.

The four tiers include Member, which rewards customers with a birthday gift and an automatic entry into a monthly giveaway, whilst also giving them an NFT badge to showcase across various platforms.

The second level, Insider, offers all the rewards and experiences offered to general members plus a 10% discount on their subscriptions. Other rewards offered to those that reach top tier levels (Elite and VIP) include: free shipping on domestic orders, anniversary gift cards, invites to private Cymbiotika events and exclusive access to gated sales offers and forums.

Source: Cymbiotika/Youtube

“We are committed to the belief that health is wealth and deserves rewards,” says Co-Founder Chervin Jafarieh. “I always tell my inner circle that we are not a one-stop shop for fixing your health; you must stay committed to your health. And what better way to stay committed than by getting rewarded for it.”

This announcement comes barely a month after leading US restaurant chain Starbucks launched beta testing for its Odyssey customer loyalty program, also built on Polygon.

The Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution has become one of the most preferred options for consumer-facing brands looking to pivot to web3. Polygon’s platform offers infinite scalability enabling brands to launch products suited for massive user bases.

Jared Radtkey, Managing Director of Cymbiotika commented: “Cymbiotika’s innovation goes beyond its formulas: it permeates throughout the team, brand, technology, and culture. Arise is another example of that.”

According to the press release sent to media houses on Thursday, Arise is coming to Cymbiotika customers on January 16, 2023.


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