Limit Break’s DigiDaigaku NFT Collection Soars in Sales Following $200M Fundraise

Twitter users are however calling out Limit Break co-founder Gabriel Leydon for his controversial tweets about paid mints.
Image source: Digidaigaku/OpenSea

Quick take:

  • Limit Break’s DigiDaigaku NFT Collection saw over $3 million in sales over the past 25 hours.
  • It is a 400-plus per cent increase from the previous day and the collection’s value has reached an all-time high.
  • Gabriel Leydon is facing backlash on Twitter for his controversial tweets about paid mints.

Limit Break’s DigiDaigaku NFT Collection saw a surge in sales volume following Monday’s announcement of the blockchain game company’s $200 million fundraise. As of this writing, DigiDaigaku generated over $3.1 million (2205 ETH) in sales over the past 24 hours, a 400-plus per cent increase from the previous day according to data from CryptoSlam.

The hype has also been buoyed by an upcoming airdrop that Limit Break co-founder Gabriel Leydon has been teasing since yesterday. The NFT collection currently has a floor price of 15 ETH, an increase of 2 ETH since yesterday’s Limit Break funding announcement. DigiDaigaku has reached an all-time high in its 7 days average price (20.22 ETH), average price (15.73 ETH), and lowest price (14 ETH). 

Since Monday, Leydon has been touting the free-to-own Web3 gaming model that Limit Break’s games will run on, which he claimed would kill free-to-play (F2P mobile games and wipe out paid mints for blockchain games. This drew the ire of some Twitter users, who thought he was talking about the Bored Ape land sale that took place in May.

“Degentraland” on Twitter said Leydon failed to “understand the ecosystem” and that Limit Break is “owned by VCs rather than community.” In response, Leydon said he is doing to free-to-play what it did to paid games. 

Twitter user “LOCSNFT” said: “Looked into all the games you and your company made. Most of these games are cash grab games on mobile. Even the final fantasy ones. How can I trust you to build a game that isn’t a cash grab.”

Binance CEO, CZ, also chimed in with: “VCs just created a new term: Free-to-own. If everything will be free in the world, why do we have to work so hard..”

Amidst the backlash, Leydon clarified that he is a “F2P expert” and that his goal is to “kill F2P and replace it with a better web3 powered F2O model.” While there are many sceptics of his game model, Leydon also has some supporters. 

“Wappy.eth” said they’re “ready for a new villain to shake up to the space” while “AxuETH” said: “Unlike other founders in this space, Gabe has actually executed and succeeded at a high level before. He sold his last company (as CEO and co-founder) for $600M. TBH, I think he is the most successful founder focusing on a NFT collection rn.”

Through all the scepticism and words of encouragement, Leydon remained steadfast in his belief in F2P, saying: “There’s a lot of talent moving over right now. It’s about to get insanely competitive. I’m going to force them to use my model. I know how they think and what they want.”

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