Invisible Universe Brings Characters Inspired by Blue Chip NFTs to Life in Animated Parody Series The R3al Metaverse

The cast includes characters inspired by NFTs from Bored Ape Yacht Club, World of Women, Doodles, Cool Cats, and Sam Robotos.
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Quick take:

  • The project will mint 7200 Producer Pass NFTs allowing the community to influence the creative direction of the series.
  • The R3al Metaverse will also allow new characters to be introduced that then spin off into their own shows.
  • The first six episodes are currently available across TikTok, Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Instagram, and the project website.

Invisible universe, an “internet-first” animation studio, today launched its animated parody series, titled The R3al Metaverse. It is the studio’s first community-driven animated series starring characters inspired by blue chip NFTs.

This news follows the studio’s $12 million Series A fundraise earlier this month. While Web2 companies are capturing new demographics in Web3, Invisible Universe is bringing NFTs to Web2 audiences.

Parodying top reality house shows like The Real World or Big Brother, the animated series follows a cast of five NFT characters who cross over from the metaverse, move into a house together, and experience life in Los Angeles for the very first time.

Voiced by professional actors, the 3D animated characters are inspired by NFTs from some of the biggest communities: Pete from Bored Ape Yacht Club, Journey from World of Women, Claudine from Doodles, Monty from Cool Cats, and Sam from Robotos.

Just like its reality TV counterparts, viewers will watch characters from The R3al Metaverse become friends, fight, make up, make jokes, make mistakes, and maybe even make out. 

“While other animated series would take years to develop and get to market, Invisible Universe is uniquely positioned to launch an entire series and NFT collection in a matter of months,” said Alexis Ohanian, Founder of Seven Seven Six and investor in Invisible Universe. “There’s something special about seeing your NFT come to life as I’ve gotten to experience watching Pete go from a .jpeg to 3D character, and I’m excited for Producers Pass holders to have the same opportunity I did.”

Minting shortly after the series debut, holders of the Producers Pass NFTs will have the ability to contribute creatively – writing confessional interviews and creating some storylines in the season. NFT holders of the five communities featured in the first season will have a chance to see their characters animated and brought into the series for a cameo.

“We believe the next generation of consumers is going to demand to be more a part of the development of their favorite entertainment franchises,” said Tricia Biggio, CEO of Invisible Universe. “This series has endless possibilities, whether it’s a spinoff, new characters or even a longer form series. We’ll see where our community guides us for Season 2 and beyond.”

With its audience as a guiding force, The R3al Metaverse will also allow new characters to be introduced that then spin off into their own shows or worlds, much like Invisible Universe’s existing characters Qai Qai (Serena Williams’ daughter’s doll brought to life), Squeaky & Roy (the long lost toys of Charli and Dixie D’Amelio), Clydeo (Jennifer Aniston’s best furry friend and foodie), and Ember (the daughter of the devil)

Viewers can now watch the first six episodes of the 34-episode short-form series on TikTok, Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Instagram, and the project website. Two episodes will be released each week with each episode ranging from one to two minutes in length.

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