Lickd Inks 2-Year Metaverse Music Deal with Decentraland’s Vegas City

Music licensing platform Lickd has teamed up with Decentraland’s Vegas City to bring commercial music to the tenants of the metaverse.
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  • Music licensing platform Lickd has signed a 2-year deal with Decentraland’s Vegas City.
  • The music licensing platform will provide commercial music to Vegas City’s tenants and partners.
  • The company said it will offer customised playlists and genre-specific radio channels.

Lickd has signed a 2-year deal with Decentraland’s Vegas City to offer commercial music to the tenants and partners of the virtual world. They will be able to access curated playlists and genre-specific radio channels from Vegas City’s music player. 

The partnership will allow all venues within Vegas City to gain access to commercial music in the metaverse, Lickd said on Tuesday.

Lickd offers pre-cleared music licensing to social video creators through its platform. It also offers music from independent producers and major labels to YouTube creators, helping them to enhance the audience experience.

The new deal comes at the back of the company’s partnership with Warner Music Group and Empire, both in 2020.

Commenting on the new partnership, Paul Sampson, CEO Lickd, said: “This is a huge step for Lickd both in terms of expanding our offering into the metaverse and for the metaverse itself in terms of being able to simplify the music licensing solution. We could not be happier about teaming up with Vegas City and taking another step towards becoming the best micro-licensing offering in the industry.”

Sampson added that his company will continue delivering cutting-edge solutions that benefit both artists and platforms that “we partner with and couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities that this will create.”

On the other hand, James Ashton, CEO of Vegas City commented: “We’re thrilled to partner with Lickd to be able to offer our partners and tenants in Vegas City access to a substantial catalogue of commercial music that, up until this point, has not been available.”

Ashton thinks that the deal will not only improve user experience in Vegas City but will also “open up a whole new horizon of possibility for musicians, labels and fans.”

Lickd is not the only music service platform targeting growth in the metaverse. Global music streaming giant Spotify has already launched its metaverse campaign alongside a range of products that include NFTs

On Monday, Abu Dhabi-based Anghami bought Dubai-based live events service provider Spotlight in a bid to pursue the metaverse opportunity. 

The 3D virtual world and NFTs have also helped previously defunct music platforms Limewire and Napster find a new home in Web3.

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