Sophia the Humanoid Robot is Coming to the Metaverse, with Her Own Virtual World

The world’s famous humanoid robot, Sophia, is coming to the metaverse in an intelligent anime version as 100 intelligent non-fungible tokens (iNFTs) launch on Dec. 16.
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  • The famous humanoid robot, Sophia will join the expansive digital version of the world, the metaverse this month.
  • The intelligent anime version of the robot will come with her own virtual world called Noah’s Ark.
  • The initial game offering launches on Dec. 16 and will run for 5 days releasing 20 intelligent NFTs per day.

The humanoid robot, Sophia will enter the expanding digital world called the metaverse this month after BeingAI announced an intelligent non-fungible token iNFT launch of an anime version of the interactive robot. 

The company said the intelligent NFTs will be part of an initial game offering called Noah’s Ark, which will be Sophia’s virtual world in the metaverse. The 100 iNFTs will be released in batches of 20, over a 5-day period, starting Dec. 16 through Dec. 21.

BeingAI has collaborated with Alethea AI to create an intelligent digital version of Sophia the humanoid robot. The anime version will have its own artificial intelligence personality, allowing the INFTs to interact anonymously with people with the game.

While speaking ahead of the initial game offering (IGO), co-founder and CEO of beingAI, Jeanne Lim said, “through my collaboration with David Hanson, I was inspired by his vision for creating benevolent AI, and deeply appreciate his trust in empowering us to create Sophia beingAI as a parallel, virtual existence of Sophia.”

The company has named Sophia’s collection of iNFTs ‘The Transmedia Universe of Sophia beingAI’. It will run on the Binance Smart Chain’s NFT marketplace beginning Dec. 16.

Sophia the humanoid robot has been one of the most popular creations in the robotics industry. The company behind the creation said earlier this year it will be mass-producing Sophia the robot amid increased interest due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Hanson Robotics said in January that “4 models, including Sophia, would start leaving factories in the first half of 2021, just when researchers predict that the pandemic will open new opportunities for the robotics industry.”

David Hanson, founder and CEO of the company said covid-19 had created an environment where isolation would require more automation to keep people safe.

He also said robotics could be applicable beyond the healthcare industry, highlighting retail and airlines as good examples.

Rolling back the months, it was inconceivable that Sophia would become part of the then unpopular metaverse, a term at the time synonymous with Mark Zuckerberg and a few others.

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