Hiber Adds Generative AI to Its Arsenal of 3D Creator Tools

Hiber CEO claims his company’s current stack of 3D creator tools have already helped users to create over 5 million 3D worlds.
Image source: hiber3d.com

Quick take:

  • Hiber has integrated generative AI into its 3D world creation tools.
  • The unveiling came during the Google Cloud Next event in San Francisco as part of Hiber’s collaboration with Datatonic, and Google Cloud.
  • Creators will now be able to use natural language prompts to enhance the crafting of 3D worlds with Hiber3D.

Hiber has added generative AI to its 3D world creation tools. The company already offers Hiber3D Development Kit and a no-code tool for consumers, which have helped creators build over five million 3D worlds.

The new tech integration was unveiled during the Google Clud Next event in San Francisco as part of Hiber’s collaboration with Google Cloud and cloud solutions provider Datatonic.

The integration of generative AI with Hiber35 will empower creators to use natural language prompts to enhance the crafting of 3D worlds.

Hiber is trying to make 3D content creation easier, thus bringing 3D web to the masses. The Gothenburg Sweden-based company has already experienced success in its user-generated content (UGC) hub HiberWorld, according to Hiber CEO, Michael Yngfors.

“There’s a lot of AI all over the web these days. But this is actually a topic that we’ve been working on from when we started building Hiber,” Yngfors told GamesBeat.

“When we started in 2017, this was always with us from the start,” Yngfors said. “Our vision was to build this platform that will make the creation of these 3D worlds and experiences in games as easy and accessible and fun for as many people as possible.”

Hiber world users can be part of the community through creation and playing. There is also a marketplace for buying and selling digital products. The metaverse platform was founded in 2017 with the vision of accelerating the transition from web2 platforms to immersive 3D worlds.

The company is backed by a range of venture capital firms from consumer technology, gaming, and blockchain industries including EQT Ventures, Luminar Ventures, Konvoy Ventures, CMT Digital, and Dreamcraft Ventures, among others.

The Hiber3D engine, which powers Hiber World can be integrated into any web-based application, providing a comprehensive set of services for creators.

“Along with our Hiber3D engine, we have a set of services that support creators, including multiplayer, chat, identity, payment rails, and commerce connections,” said Yngfors. “And now we are going further. By uniting generative AI with these services, we’re set to evolve our offering into a living creation platform.”

The company’s partnership with Google Cloud will help in reducing some of the costs associated with integrating generative AI, like the “computing power [required] to delve through large language models.”


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