Trademark Roundup: VISA, Western Union, Ulta File New Web3 Trademark Applications

Visa is the latest financial services company to file new Web3 trademark applications.
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Quick take:

  • Visa has filed two trademark applications indicating plans for cryptocurrency transactions, virtual goods and NFTs.
  • Western Union has filed three trademark applications covering virtual currency exchange and transfer.
  • Ulta has filed a trademark application hinting at plans for NFTs, virtual retail stores, virtual goods and services and more.

Visa has filed two trademark applications indicating plans to offer financial services in the Web3 space. 

The trademark applications cover providing temporary use of non-downloadable software for users to view, access, store, monitor, manage, trade, send, receive, transmit, and exchange cryptocurrency, digital and blockchain assets, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs); a cryptocurrency wallet; as well as online non-downloadable software used in auditing digital currency, virtual currency, cryptocurrency and for managing and verifying cryptocurrency transactions using blockchain technology.

Its metaverse plans include providing virtual environments in which users can interact for recreational, leisure or entertainment purposes accessible in the virtual world.

Visa is the latest financial services company to file new Web3 trademark applications, following in the footsteps of Amex and Mastercard, which filed theirs in March and April respectively.

On Tuesday, Western Union three trademark applications covering the management and maintenance of digital currency and electronic wallets; digital currency exchange operations; electronic commodities, cryptocurrencies and digital asset exchange services; and issuing tokens of value.

This week, the United States’ largest beauty retailer, Ulta filed a trademark application hinting at plans for NFTs and downloadable virtual goods featuring beauty products, audio or video authenticated by NFTs in augmented reality platforms; downloadable software to receive and access NFTs for use in augmented reality platforms.

It also appears to have plans for entering to metaverse, as the trademark application also covers providing an interactive website for virtual reality game services; digital animated and non-animated designs and characters, avatars, digital overlays, and skins for use in virtual environments; providing a platform for people to browse, accumulate, buy, sell, and trade virtual cosmetics; virtual salon services and virtual makeup application services; and more.

This comes after Ulta Beauty launched Prisma Ventures, its $20 million fund, in August, to invest in Series Seed and Series A technology companies within the four innovation pillars of personalised & data-driven technology, AR, VR & the metaverse, technology-powered custom beauty products & in-store services, and social commerce.

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