Fox’s Web3 TV Show Krapopolis to Debut This Fall

Dan Harmon’s web3 animated TV show is set to premiere on Fox on Sunday, September 24.
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Quick take:

  • The US TV network will show the first two episodes of Krapopolis on September 24.
  • The show is based on characters from Greek mythology featuring a family of humans, gods and monsters.
  • The animated show is created by Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon.

Fox has revealed the date that its highly anticipated web3 TV show will debut. The Network will show the first two episodes of Krapopolis on Sunday, September 24, according to a press release on Tuesday.

The TV show is created by the Emmy Award Winner and Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon. The show is inspired by characters from Greek mythology, featuring a family of humans, gods and monsters trying to run one of the world’s first cities, whilst also trying to kill each other.

Krapopolis is FOX’s first wholly-owned animated TV series and has already been renewed for a second and third seasons after receiving positive early feedback from the community last year.

The show’s web3 elements will be powered by FOX’s web3 Media and creative technology company Blockchain Creative Labs.

Earlier in 2023, Blockchain Creative Labs teamed up with MoonPay, Web3Auth, Alchemy, and Props Labs to launch a web3 experience for Masked Singer fans.

Krapopolis will be FOX Network’s first animated series to be curated on the blockchain. In addition to the show itself, fans will receive an extended digital experience, where they can earn Krapopolis Krap Chicken Fan Passes.

The passes grant exclusive access to “token-gated content, show voting, scavenger hunts, games, a dedicated store, private Discord channels and access to meet-and-greets with the cast and crew,” the company wrote in a press statement.

FOX is not the only company to bring TV and film to the blockchain. Last October, Warner Bros teamed up with web3 studio Eluvio to create a movie NFT of “The Lord of the Rings”.

In January 2023, Movieplex collaborated with Cinema Libre to launch a full-length NFT film on OpenSea.


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