Web3 Game Pixels Migrates to Sky Mavis’ Ronin Blockchain from Polygon

Pixels boasts 1.5 million monthly on-chain transactions, 100,000-plus monthly active wallets, and 5,000 daily active users.
Image source: pixels.xyz

Quick take:

  • Pixels has announced it is leaving Polygon for Ronin Blockchain.
  • The open-ended world of farming and exploration Web3 game is the number 1 game on Polygon with over 1.5 million monthly on-chain transactions.
  • Polygon’s gaming-dedicated chain launched in partnership with Immutable is currently in testnet, with its mainnet launch scheduled for Q4, 2023.

Web3 game Pixels is moving from Polygon to Ronin Network, the gaming blockchain operated by Sky Mavis. Pixels has been one of the top games on Polygon with over 1.5 million monthly on-chain transactions.

The open-ended world of farming and exploration game also boasts 100,000-plus monthly active wallets and 5,000 daily active users.

This announcement comes barely a month after Polygons and Immutable X’s joint product, the Immutable zkEVM chain, went live on testnet. 

Luke Barwikowski, the CEO of Pixels.Online, the company behind Pixels on Tuesday said in a statement: “Sky Mavis is the only company that has achieved scale in Web3 gaming, so partnering with the team and migrating to Ronin, naturally made a lot of sense.”

“Collaborating with a team that operates not on assumptions, but hands-on, proven experience was a no-brainer. Migrating to Ronin and leveraging their wisdom simply felt like the next logical step in our journey,” said Barwikowski.

Polygon’s and Immutable’s gaming dedicated chain Immutable zkEVM is scheduled for a mainnet launch in Q4, 2023.

This move comes nearly 18 months after Axis Infinity, the biggest blockchain game by transactions was hacked, with the hackers making way with more than $620 million in ETH and USDC at the time. 

Sky Mavis COO, Aleksander Larsen holds high praise for Pixels calling it the second most popular Web3 game in terms of real users.

“We are thrilled to welcome the team to Ronin and offer them our infrastructure and technology. This deal is also a big value add for our community and Pixel’s open world allows for NFT collections to have their own spaces. In the future, we envision a world where our community has the opportunity to build an Axie space, enabling more social interaction.”

Like Polygon, Ronin is an Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible blockchain. And like Polygon’s and Immutable’s joint product Immutable zkEVM, it is dedicated to gaming, allowing blockchain games to leverage multiple products and experiences from Sky Mavis.


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