Digital Artist Jarlan Perez Joins RTFKT as Visual Design Director

Jarlan Perez joins RTFKT from Google, where he was UX and visual designer.
Image source: RTFKT

Quick take:

  • Jarlan Perez is known for his work as a 3D artist.
  • As an artist, Perez creates 3D robots.
  • The same role appears to also be held by visual artist, Toby Evans.

Visual designer, Jarlan Perez, today announced on Twitter that he has joined RTFKT as visual design director. Perez joins RTFKT from Google, where he spent the past three years as UX and visual designer. 

He started out as a freelance 3D artist at Google in 2017, creating 3D models and various art assets for AR/VR, before taking on a full-time role at the tech giant. Prior to that, he was a multimedia design engineer at global security and aerospace company, Lockheed Martin.

Last year, he launched ARC Novo, a virtual gallery hosted on metaverse art exhibition and gallery creation platform, Spatial. The gallery showcased works of art by different artists, including Perez himself, who created a series of 3D robots inspired by everyday objects and scenes such as a cheese grater or a pot. Perez also dabbles in illustration, photography and the design of virtual spaces. 

It’s not yet clear what Perez’s responsibilities are in his new role, but if the work of Toby Evans – who appears to hold the visual design director role at RTFKT – is any indication, Perez will be designing digital wearables and avatars.

Toby Evans designed the RTFKT x Nike AR hoodie, which dropped in July. Last year, his creative and design-based studio, ZOME, collaborated with RTFKT to create the Metajacket. Evans stated on an Instagram post that he closed ZOME to focus full-time on RTFKT following the collab.

During his time at RTFKT, Evans also worked on the RTFKT x CloneX avatar project. From 2015 to 2020, Evans was the co-founder and creative director of London-based creative agency, SUPERIMPOSE. 

It’s not clear whether Perez will be replacing Evans as visual design director or if Evans will be taking on a different role in the company or even leaving RTFKT. However, RTFKT co-founder Benito Pagotto is excited about the new hire, saying to Perez: “After all these years we know each other and sharing the same vision, I’m so happy to be officially part of the same team and ready to execute the vision live together.”

After acquiring RTFKT to accelerate its Web3 strategy, Nike has generated a total of $185 million in revenue via NFTs, proving the non-fungible tokens are turning out to be a great source of revenue for businesses.

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