Cool Cats NFT Joins Reddit’s Gen 4 Collectible Avatars Drop

The social media platform will drop its “Retro Reimagined” digital avatar collectibles on July 26.
Image source: Reddit

Quick take:

  • Reddit is launching its fourth generation of collectible avatars.
  • The drop will feature a collaboration with the NFT project Cool Cats.
  • The drop is expected on July 26, 2023, according to a post by r/CollectibleAvatars.

Reddit is dropping its fourth generation of collectible avatars on July 26. A social media post by r/ColectobleAvatars revealed on Monday stating that the drop will occur at 3:00 PM Eastern time.

This drop has been titled “Retro reimagined” and will feature works from some of the leading creators in the NFT space, including Micah Johnson and the Animoca Brands-backed Cool Cats NFT.

Announcing its participation in the latest Reddit collectible avatar drop, Cool Cats tweeted:

Reddit has already sold more than 18 million collectible avatars, attracting over 14 million holders. The collection is now valued at about $60.88 million in market capitalisation, despite the current bear market.

Although Reddit NFTs are minted on Polygon, the company has opted to use the word collectibles over non-fungible tokens. In addition, unlike other NFTs where traders buy and sell in crypto, Reddit collectors trade their collectible avatars using the Vault wallet, a digital wallet that allows Redditors to store and manage their blockchain-based assets like the collectible avatars.

Source: Polygon_Analytics/Dune

Reddit also announced it will be making changes to its digital collectibles shop, offering collectors more tools to customise their avatars. 

The company’s Gen 3 series of NFTs, which launched in April this year has been minted 6.58 million times and generated $3.386 million in cumulative sales, according to dashboard publisher Polygon_Analytics on Dune Analytics.

Overall, Reddit collectible avatars have garnered nearly $33.65 million in total sales since launching in July 2022. The avatars raced to a sales volume of more than $10 million in less than three months, and have since played a major role in driving the number of Polygon-based NFT sales.

Although the NFT market is yet to reach the heights of last year, there was a significant spike in sales last week with an impressive $19.6 million worth of Ethereum NFTs sold. OpenSea dominated the number of trades, while Blur led with the sales volume.


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