Bright Star Studios Reports An Influx of Investors After a Major In-Game Land Sale

Blockchain gaming developer Bright Star Studios said on Monday it had received an influx of investors after revealing a major in-game land sale.
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  • Bright Star Studios is the developer of the pay-to-earn MMORPG Ember Sword game.
  • The company announced receiving 20 new investors after a major in-game land sale.
  • Bright Star said 35,000 gamers have pledged $203 million to buy its in-game digital land.

Metaverse gaming developer Bright Star Studios said on Monday it had received a significant rise in investor interest after revealing a major in-game land sale. The company announced a new investment deal involving 20 investors, including several top executives from the gaming industry.

Venture capital firm Btkraft Ventures, will structure and spearhead the list of investors. Other investors joining the MMORPG Ember Sword developer include:

“Rob Pardo, the lead designer of World of Warcraft and former CCO of Blizzard; Kevin Lin, co-founder of Twitch; Carlos Rodriguez, CEO of G2 Esports; John Robinson, COO of 100 Thieves; Night Ventures; Dennis “Thresh” Fong, former pro gamer and co-founder of Xfire; and Sebastian Borget, co-founder of the Sandbox,” the company said in a statement sent to media houses.

Pardo, who will also serve as an advisor to Bright Star cited the disruptive power of MMORPGs, role-playing video games with the ability to engage multiple players simultaneously, as crucial to building large gaming communities.

“With Ember Sword, Bright Star has found a new way to give their players true ownership within their virtual world. This has the potential to revolutionize the MMORPG genre.”

Although Ember Sword is still in Alpha mode, Bright Star revealed a recent land sale event, which allowed users to buy plots of land within the game, had attracted $203 million from 35,000 gamers in pledges. The digital land allows them to earn the in-game ERC-20 token, Ember.

CEO of Bright Star, Mark Laursen expressed his delight by the traction the digital land sale brought to the MMORPG Ember Sword game, committing to adding gaming features that will reward gamers for the value that they bring to the game and the community.

Laursen said the company is committed to creating a game that allows users to “earn rewards and make money through in-game activities, including the creation of unique, tradable NFT (non-fungible token) items.”

The gaming industry is capitalising on the massive adoption of the metaverse by converting several items and features in their gaming universe into tradable NFTs.On Tuesday, Ubisoft launched Ubisoft Quartz, a gaming metaverse that will use Tezos blockchain for in-game NFTs.

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