Blocktrade Arcade Races Past One Million Gameplays Three Months After Launch

The EU-regulated crypto trading platform offers an arcade gaming feature that allows users to accumulate experience points.
Image source: Blocktrade

Quick take:

  • The platform also offers a leaderboard where players are ranked according to the experience points earned.
  • Blocktrade Arcade boasts a 92% game completion rate, illustrating high engagement levels.
  • Players can play Fly & Collect, Bubble Shooter, and Match 3, with each game made for both casual and crypto enthusiasts.

Blocktrade the EU-regulated crypto trading platform has revealed that its Arcade gaming platform crossed one million gameplays three months after launch. The platform launched with three games Fly & Collect, Bubble Shooter, and Match 3, all made to meet the needs of both casual gamers and crypto enthusiasts.

According to the announcement, the games have attracted high levels of engagement, boasting a 92% completion rate.

In Fly & Collect, players navigate obstacles while collecting tokens, whereas Bubble Shooter tests their skills in matching coloured bubbles. Match3 is a classic puzzle game that encourages strategic thinking.

Blocktrade Arcade allows players to accumulate experience points (XP) as rewards with a daily limit on earned XP from their gaming and trading activity. The points are used to determine how high they rank on a community leaderboard.

According to Blocktrade, the arcade-style games also foster a sense of excitement and community, a departure from the often solitary nature of trading.

“We are absolutely delighted with the success of our Arcade, one of the first exchange products to effectively merge the worlds of gaming and crypto,” said Blocktrade CEO Christian Niedermüller. “By offering an experience that is both stimulating and rewarding, we’re making the world of crypto more accessible and engaging for all.”

Blocktrade’s games last an average of 50 seconds, which it believes is perfect for players’ busy lifestyles. This also “encourages frequent platform visits,” Blocktrade wrote.

Although there are currently three Arcade games on Blocktrade, Niedermüller emphasised the company’s intentions to expand its offerings with more games and partnering with third-party game developers. The company also plans to integrate its $BTEX token into the platform.

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