Banksters Airdrops 100K USDT Worth of NFTs Ahead of the Official Game Launch

The company is giving players who participated in the 2-week contest an opportunity to win exclusive NFTs based on their activity levels within the game.
Image source: Banksters

Quick take:

  • The NFTs will be airdropped to the top 1,000 most active Banksters users to be vested for 60 days after the game launch.
  • The EduTech platform is also providing 2,000 Minting Scroll NFTs for sale on Magic Eden.
  • The company is also planning a token sale on leading launchpads on April 24.

EduTech simulation platform Banksters is airdropping NFTs worth a combined value of $100,000 to the most active players in its 2-week campaign. The campaign, which ran from April 3 to April 17 grants players an opportunity to win exclusive NFTs ahead of the platform’s official game launch.

After the end of the contest, players will be rewarded based on their activity in the game, with the top 1,000 eligible for the airdrop. According to the announcement, the NFTs will be vested for 60 days following the game launch.

The EduTech platform also said it will provide 2,000 Minting Scroll NFTs for sale on Magic Eden, “providing additional opportunities for players to engage with the platform and enhance their gaming experience.”

Highlighting the nature of the contest, Alexandru Carbunariu, CEO and CMO at Banksters said in a statement: “To succeed in the airdrop contest, a different strategy is essential: actively engage in Invest Runs, level up avatars, utilise the Banksters Academy for NFT minting, including the upcoming Minting Scroll on Magic Eden, stay involved in the community, and leverage your Banksters Unique abilities and skills for victory.”

“Banksters is more than a game; it’s an educational journey into the world of cryptocurrency. The airdrop contest along with the Minting Scroll on Magic Eden, present unique opportunities for players to acquire new skills and empower their characters,” Carbunariu added.

This announcement also comes ahead of Banksters’ planned $BARS token sale, which will take place on April 24. The event will take place on BullPerks, Games Pad and other leading Launchpads, Banksters said in a statement, highlighting the important role the token sale will play in the company’s development and expansion within the crypto and gaming sectors.

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