Intertrust Launches Creator Toolkit to Accelerate the Transition to Web3

The Intertrust MarketMaker combines token rights management and digital rights management to help creators deploy web3 content distribution models.
Image source: Intertrust/Twitter

Quick take:

  • Intertrust has launched Intertrust MarketMaker a web3 toolkit for deploying advanced content distribution models.
  • The toolkit combines token rights management and digital rights management to enable fractional rights ownership.
  • The toolkit is powered by the rights management provider’s industry-leading governance solution, Intertrust Platform.

Intertrust has launched the Intertrust MarketMaker toolkit. The web3 rights management solution combines token rights management and digital rights management to help network operators and marketplace operators easily deploy advanced web3 content distribution models.

NFT marketplaces and traditional media services will also be able to offer secured NFTs, fractional rights ownership and viral distribution, thus rewarding artists with more control in the creator economy.

The Intertrust MarketMaker is a single developer platform with an all-in-one media protection and rights management. The platform provides artists with assurances about trust and the security of their assets, also allowing them to integrate their products with their preferred management rights systems including both cloud-based systems and on the blockchain.

The platform allows developers to launch web3 creator-driven NFT marketplaces and integrate multiple payment methods including credit cards.

They can also securely link their products to popular blockchains and crypto wallets without affecting the security of their digital rights.

Commenting on the product launch, Albhy Galuten, Intertrust, Senior Fellow and Founder and CEO of Agora Media said: “Intertrust MarketMaker is the latest innovation in Intertrust’s robust history of data rights management technologies that have made the Internet a safer place for artists and rights holders. MarketMaker gives content creators and their fans the secure and trusted tools needed to realize the promise of Web 3.0 to create new and exciting markets.”

One of the early adopters of Intertrust’s innovative rights management solution includes Japanese marketplace maker Nekojarashi’s Roadstead marketplace built with MarketMaker in 2022. 

Japan’s Music Securities also announced Digital Music Securities, a digital record label built with Intertrust MarketMaker to enable fractional ownership capabilities to artists and their fans.

The creator economy has become one of the biggest beneficiaries of the NFT technology with leading record labels producers like Warner Music Group and top music streaming platforms like Spotify among the earliest adopters of the technology.


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