Uniswap Tests Self-Custody Mobile Wallet as It Awaits Apple Approval

Apple has refused to greenlight the decentralised crypto exchange services provider’s latest product according to a Uniswap spokesperson.
Image source: uniswap.org

Quick take:

  • Uniswap has launched a cross-chain crypto wallet for iPhone users.
  • A spokesperson for the decentralised exchange platform said on Friday Apple refused to greenlight the product.
  • The self-custody wallet allows users to swap, buy NFTs, and purchase crypto on-chain.

Uniswap Labs is launching a mobile crypto wallet for iPhone users. The decentralised exchange service provider on Friday shared the early version of the self-custody wallet offering some users early access. They will be able to swap, buy NFTs, and purchase crypto on-chain

However, the company is facing a major hurdle in Apple, which has refused to greenlight the product. 

According to Uniswap, the mobile wallet will support multiple blockchains allowing users to seamlessly switch between Mainnet, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism. The new wallet also allows users to sample their favourite tokens, access market prices and charts and volume trends, and get notified when transactions are complete, among other features.

According to a blog post on the Uniswap website, the cross-chain mobile wallet also allows users to manage connections to multiple web apps on different networks simultaneously. “For example, you can connect to Lido on Mainnet, Aave on Polygon, and Uniswap on Arbitrum without switching networks.”

The Uniswap Mobile Wallet was audited by the crypto audit firm Trail of Bits to ensure the highest security standards are met. Imported and newly created wallets will have their seed phrases and private keys encrypted and stored on devices using Apple’s enclave.

Although Apple approved Uniswap’s first version of the product in October last year, it refused to approve the final version before the December launch, Uniswap wrote in the blog post.

“Since then, we’ve responded to their concerns, answered every question, and reiterated that we are 100% compliant with their guidelines. Other self-custody swapping wallets have been approved, but Apple won’t green-light our launch and we don’t know why. We are stuck in limbo.”

The decision to give some users early access is down to the delay created by Apple. Uniswap has launched the wallet on Testflight — Apple’s proprietary service that allows developers to test apps before launching them on the App Store. The company said it is inviting a few thousand testers as it awaits approval from the iPhone maker.


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