Anthony Pompliano, Ex-TechCrunch Jacquelyn Melinek Aim to Change How Blockchains Communicate With Their Ecosystems

Token Relations aims to help blockchains and crypto projects establish direct relationships with their stakeholders.
Image source: Token Relations

Quick take:

  • The startup wants to help projects communicate better with their communities amid continuously changing social media algorithms that “inundate the market.”
  • Token Relations has already onboarded Avalanche, Aptos and Optimism as launch partners.
  • The co-founders believe the platform will create “more informed stakeholders without the noise of algorithmic social platforms.”

Former TechCrunch senior crypto reporter Jacquelyn Melinek and long-time entrepreneur and investor Antony Pompliano have teamed up to co-found Token Relations, a blockchain communications startup focused on helping blockchains and crypto projects establish direct relationships with their stakeholders.

Explaining the reasoning behind the startup, the co-founders wrote: “Blockchains and large-cap token projects are struggling to maintain direct communication with their ecosystems as algorithms are continuously changing, information is inundating the market and the industry becomes more and more complex.”

The company wants to help blockchains streamline their multifaceted communications with their communities through its platform. 

“The teams behind blockchains have marketing efforts to reach new and old users via platforms like X, Discord, etc. and PR teams to talk to journalists to get their message out there,” Melinek wrote on X.

Explaining her company’s position in the blockchain space, she said Token Relations is solely focused on cutting out the noise and streamlining communication to existing ecosystems.

Token Relations wants to be the platform where stakeholders go to find out about the latest metrics about the projects they are part of, milestones achieved and product launches.

Commenting on the company’s goals on X, Pompliano said that Token Relations wants to focus on a particular group that the industry seems to have forgotten, the “ecosystem stakeholders.”

“We are helping blockchains better communicate with their developers, partners, token holders, and people building on top of their technology,” Pompliano wrote.

Token Relations plans to start rolling out weekly content for Aptos, Avalanche and Optimism over the next 10 days including other products and services for each chain.

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