World of Women Partners with The Sandbox to Bring Crypto Education to Women

A $25 million grant from the WoW Foundation will be spent on educational initiatives hosted on The Sandbox.

Quick take:

  • World of Women and The Sandbox will build an interactive world for women-centric causes.
  • A WoW museum will be built on a 2×2 plot of land on The Sandbox.
  • A WoW University will offer courses to educate newcomers and women on Web3.

World of Women (WoW) has announced a new partnership with The Sandbox for the creation of the $25 million WoW Foundation to onboard more women into the Web3 space.

The grant from the WoW Foundation will be used to educate newcomers – regardless of gender – on Web3. This will be done via the WoW University on The Sandbox, which will offer guidance on getting started in Web3.

Courses on web3, the metaverse, NFT creation and auctions will be offered. Students can get certified and receive an “NFT diploma” after completing the courses run through immersive experiences on The Sandbox.

“We know it takes time for people to get into web3, so we want to onboard as many people as possible. We also want to have time to experiment with this new university format, and refine and improve it over time,” said Mathieu Nouzareth, board member at The Sandbox.

Through this partnership, The Sandbox is hoping to increase its female audience. Besides supporting educational initiatives, the WoW Foundation will also build a WoW museum on a 2×2 plot of land on The Sandbox.

The WoW museum will serve as a showroom and a space for the WoW University to hold virtual classes. It will also support the Wow Academy, which is a hub and incubator program for emerging NFT projects and artists. 

The Sandbox intends to guide creators through their Web3 journey, starting with mentorship. The platform will extend its support to funding the first NFT mints of creators as well as exhibitions in the metaverse. An end of season showcase will be held in the WoW museum.

“This partnership signals our intent to invest long term in shaping a diverse and inclusive space for women to thrive in Web3 within our metaverse. Through facilitating the education and funding of women’s projects we hope these programs help establish a generation of influential women builders in the space,” added Sebastien Borget, Co-Founder & COO of The Sandbox.

The Foundation will also leverage business opportunities across The Sandbox, Brinc, and Animoca Brands.

“We really want to lead and support more women in the metaverse like we are doing in the NFT space. But the focus here is that we really want to expand this to developers,” said Yennefer, head of community at World of Women. 

According to the announcement of the partnership, the WoW Foundation will focus on four pillars: uplifting the metaverse ecosystem by supporting artists and funding projects, educating newcomers on Web 3, communicating to give more visibility to women-centric causes, and giving back to charities.

World of Women’s first partnership with The Sandbox was for the release of 10,000 3D interoperable avatars during The Sandbox’s Alpha 2 launch on Mar 3.

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with The Sandbox. Having a World of Women be the Goddess of Alpha 2 is an emblematic milestone for us: it establishes our mission in the metaverse. With this $1 million USD grant, we will be voxelizing all 10,000 WoW so that our entire community can join us there,” said WoW artist and co-founder Yam Karkai.

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