Well-Known NFT Collector Bianca de’ Medici Doxxes Herself: She is Pop Singer Sia

Pop singer Sia has gone public with her NFT collector identity Bianca de’ Medici, whose Twitter account has gained more than 4000 followers after the reveal.
Image source: Tonya Brewer

Quick take:

  • Sia revealed her NFT collector alter-ego after Cozomo ‘de Medici aka Snoop Dogg tweeted a riddle for followers to solve.
  • At press time, Bianca ‘de Medici’s Twitter account boasts more than 17,000 followers.
  • She owns more than 570 NFTs on OpenSea.

Australian singer and songwriter Sia has revealed that she is NFT influencer and collector known as Bianca ‘de Medici on Twitter. Prior to the reveal, she had about 13,000 followers. As of this article, she now has over 17,000 followers and counting.

Bianca ‘de Medici, whose Twitter bio states that she is the “granddaughter of @cozomomedici”, had been teasing her identity since Monday, tweeting: “It’s been a joy quietly collecting NFTs this last year supporting other artists & causes. And oh what fun being a secret Medici. But I think it may bring more attention to these artists & causes if I went ‘public.’ So Tuesday at 2pm PT, I will dox & reveal my true identity.”

Her identity was revealed hours after a related NFT influencer and collector Cozomo de’ Medici tweeted a riddle for followers to solve. In Sep 2021, Snoop Dogg revealed himself to be Cozomo de’ Medici, and tweeted a video of an NFT from his new label, Death Row Records, yesterday.

“Dear frens Thanks for being so cool and letting me into your world. I got into btc in 2016, picked up some alt coins in ’17 but was never much of a speculator. I became a fan of @VitalikButerin and his particular genius but it wasn’t until I saw the birth of punks, kitties and the wave of art that followed that I truly fell in love,”  Bianca de’ Medici wrote after the reveal.

“And I mean down the rabbit hole, total degen, multiple wallets, jpeg addict, kind of love… At the core I’m an artist and appreciate any medium that allows people to express who they are inside.  I hope that you’ll allow me to keep supporting this ecosystem, sharing and creating things that can help move the genre forward. I love you all,” she added before signing off as Sia.

In December, Sia announced her first-ever NFT collection on OpenSea in collaboration with FTX. On Mar 2, Cozomo ‘de Medici (Snoop Dogg) tweeted that he and Bianca de’ Medici (Sia) have spent 35.58 ETH supporting emerging and Ukrainian artists, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Bianca de’ Medici’s account on OpenSea currently owns more than 570 NFTs.

With anonymity being a big part of crypto culture, the nascent NFT industry has seen its fair share of scams and rug pulls by ‘anons’. Nonetheless, there are still major influencers and creators in the space who’ve built a following on secret identities hoping to build trust with their communities and bring more attention to the causes they support in a transparent manner by doxxing themselves or being doxxed.

Snoop Dogg was the first celebrity to reveal his NFT influencer alias. The founders of Bored Ape Yacht Club were doxxed by Buzzfeed in Feb and have taken it in stride by posting photos of themselves on Twitter.

Moreover, an increasing number of big brands and corporations filing for NFT trademarks seems like a validation of the growing legitimacy of the NFT space.

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