Notorious B.I.G LLC Goes Biggie on Metaverse – Filing Three Trademarks

Notorious B.I.G., LLC, which owns the intellectual property of the late American rapper, Biggie, has filed three trademarks indicating plans to release NFTs.
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Last Updated on March 16, 2022

Quick take:

  • The company has filed trademarks for The Brook and two logos for the brand.
  • The trademark applications indicate plans for NFTs, virtual environments, clothing, footwear and an online community.
  • Billie Eilish and Grandmaster Flash has recently filed metaverse trademarks.

The late American rapper Biggie’s intellectual property company, Notorious B.I.G., LLC, has revealed plans to enter the metaverse with three new trademark applications filed on Mar 3. 

The company has filed trademarks for a yet-to-be-revealed brand, The Brook, and two logos for the brand. The Brook references Biggie’s hometown Brooklyn, where he was born and raised.

Trademark filings for The Brook and its two logos include Class 9 and Class 42. The goods and services covered under Class 9 include “downloadable computer software for use in virtual environments; downloadable mobile application software for use in virtual environments; downloadable computer software, namely, software for use in virtual worlds and three-dimensional platforms; downloadable virtual reality software; downloadable virtual goods, namely, computer programs featuring footwear, clothing, headwear, eyewear, bags, sports equipment, art, toys and accessories for use online and in online virtual worlds.”

“Downloadable digital media, namely, digital assets, digital collectibles, digital tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs)” are also covered under Class 9, indicating the company’s intent to bring Biggie’s brand into the metaverse.

As for Class 42, computer services such as “creating an on-line virtual environment for providing temporary use of non-downloadable software for uploading, modifying, sharing, viewing, displaying, transmitting, publishing, storing, managing, verifying, authenticating and communicating virtual reality content, augmented reality content, mixed experiences, content and information, digital collectibles, digital tokens, digital files, images, sound recordings, video recordings, and virtual objects” are covered.

Interestingly, it also covers “creating and hosting an online community for users to access, create, publish and experience in metaverse platforms; creating and hosting an online community featuring game and non-game worlds, online universes, and metaverse environments, and virtual and digital goods for therein”.

If created, this would provide a new platform where fans of Biggie can gather and keep the memory of their favourite rapper alive in the virtual world.

Others in the music industry who have filed similar metaverse trademarks include Billie Eilish and Grandmaster Flash, while record companies Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group have both partnered with different NFT platforms to launch music and artist collectibles.

The hip-hop industry has been cashing in on the NFT craze over the past year. Lil Yachty, Post Malone, XXXTentacion, MF Doom,  Run-DMC, Lil Jon, Eminem and Doja Cat are among some of the many rap stars – dead and alive – to have dropped NFTs. 

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