Video Game Developer Peter Molyneux Launches NFT Game with Gala Games

Video game developer Peter Molyneux is joining the metaverse after announcing a joint partnership with Gala Games that will see him bring his 2019 game, Legacy to the blockchain.
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  • Video game developer Peter Molyneux is joining the NFT Gaming metaverse.
  • Molineux has partnered with Gala Games to launch his 2019 game Legacy on the blockchain.
  • The game’s utility token will be called LegacyCoin and will be based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Popular video game developer Peter Molyneux is joining the growing metaverse of NFT gaming. The controversial “god games” creator has teamed up with one of the largest blockchain gaming companies, Gala Games to develop his 2019 game Legacy.

Announcing the partnership on Twitter, Gala Games said the legendary developer will be creating a simulator game, which Molyneux first announced in 2019.

Molyneux is known for his industry redefining “god games” ‘Populous’ and ‘Black And White’, which formed a part of his classic role-playing series ‘Fable’.

He was also involved in a controversial crowdfunding campaign for a never-released game that promised to make people gods after tapping a mysterious digital cube.

Gala Games will work with Molyneyx’s development company, 22Cans to launch Legacy, which will be accompanied by a utility token called LagcyCoin. The coin will be based on the Ethereum blockchain.

To join the game, players will need to buy an NFT called Land. The Galaverse, Gala Games’ blockchain gaming metaverse will allow players to form a business in the game and build a town around the business, allowing them to increase their LegacyCoin fund by working with other players or competing with them.

Although Molyneux is probably the most popular individual to join blockchain gaming, he is not alone in terms of big-name players from the mainstream video gaming industry. Last week, Ubisoft launched Quartz a platform that will allow gamers to access in-game items called Digits (a form of NFTs) based on the Tezos blockchain. 

Therefore, although Ubisoft faced backlash from gamers following the announcement of the NFT platform, it seems that the mainstream industry is increasingly getting drawn to blockchain gaming.

In the case of Molyneux, games seemed excited by his latest venture, highlighting his past works and how he could impact blockchain gaming.

One gamer on Twitter wrote:

Although Molyneux’s illustrious career in video game development is not without controversy, it seems gamers cannot wait to try his first title on the blockchain.

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