Ubisoft’s NFT Project Launch Facing Backlash from Gamers

Ubisoft’s bid to bring in-game NFTs (Digits) to its gaming empire is facing backlash from gamers, who did not sit well with the idea.
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Quick Take:

  • Global gaming company Ubisoft launched an NFT project this week.
  • The company teamed up with Tezos to offer in-game NFTs (Digits).
  • However, gamers did not take the idea of tokenizing in-game items well, resulting in a backlash.

Global video game maker Ubisoft is facing backlash from gamers after announcing an NFT project. The company launched Ubisoft Quartz earlier this week, a platform that in partnership with Tezos, will introduce non-fungible tokens NFTs dubbed, Digits, to the company’s gaming empire.

Ubisoft plans to combine NFTs and blockchain with its AAA-rated games. In a video announcing the beta launch of the project, which also featured Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint as the first title to officially integrate with in-game NFTs, Ubisoft’s big announcement received more dislikes than likes according to Kotaku.

And on Friday, more developments in the story indicated an escalating situation with one of the comments on the video, which accuses the company of milking money from users, receiving more likes than the video itself. 

As of this writing, the video had just under 225,000 views, attracting 1.4k likes, while some of the tip comments criticising the NFT project had an average of 3,000 likes.

Although youtube recently changed its policy on video dislikes, hiding the tally from viewers, people can still use a Chrome extension to check the number of dislikes a video has. Some Ubisoft gamers that used the extension said the video had crossed 37,000 dislikes compared to the 1,400 likes, equating to a dislike rate of about 96%.

The pushback is not restricted to the youtube video announcement, Ubisoft’s tweet announcing the NFT project has also seen some gamers threaten to uninstall all products associated with the company.

And on Reddit, under the subreddit, r/gaming, user u/WolverineKuzuri93 posted “Do not support ‘Quartz’, the new NFT Ubisoft marketplace”. The post has an upvote rate of about 93%, also attractions close to 3,000 replies.

The Redditor thinks the game is taking advantage of NFTs to offer cosmetics products, rather than committing to improving the quality of gaming features and tools.

Although the Redditor is not entirely against using NFTs in digital gaming, the idea of introducing them for in-game items is strongly challenged

Most community-based memberships are against introducing NFTs to the platforms because of the energy consumed to mine them. Recently Discord had to walk back its plans to introduce NFTs to the platform after users lashed back at CEO Jason Citron.

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