Taki Games Taps RallyMobile to Enable Non-Custodial Services and Gasless Transactions

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Quick take:

  • Taki Games will easily onboard non-crypto native users to its game by eliminating the need to create a crypto wallet.
  • The partnership also enables the Deep Dive developer to offer gasless transactions.
  • Users will also be able to sell tokens directly from the game.

Taki Games, the developer of the underwater match 3 puzzle game Deep Dive Rewards, has partnered with Rally Protocol to accelerate the user onboarding process to its ecosystem. 

Rally Protocol is an open-source mobile extension layer that aims to simplify blockchain integration for developers and abstract away the complexities of blockchain technology from users.

RallyMobile, the software developer kit (SDK) by Rally Protocol allows developers to deliver seamless Web3 native experiences. RallyMobile EOA’s non-custodial solution abstracts away the need for new users to leave their app when signing up for a wallet.

According to Rally Protocol, RallyTransact’s gasless transactions feature means users don’t have to worry about owning a blockchain’s native token before even being able to use their app.

The company is looking to bridge the knowledge barrier of using Web3 apps, which often requires users and developers to understand a variety of blockchain concepts like creating a wallet, transferring and swapping tokens and buying in-game assets, among others.

“With Rally’s SDK, developers can easily build blockchain applications with the heavy lifting of blockchain abstracted away, so users can instantly make on-chain transactions without needing to understand gas fees, signing transactions, or wallet creation,” Rally Protocol wrote in a blog post.

The company wants users to focus on using the app rather than trying to understand how crypto works, while developers focus on building quality apps for users instead of the intricate “plumbing” of Web3.

Taki Games has integrated with both the non-custodial and gasless transaction solutions offered by Rally EOAs to enable players to earn tokens by playing the game. This has allowed the mobile game developer to easily onboard new users to its game, boosted by gasless transactions, which increase retention rates.

Commenting on the most useful Web3 solutions, Taki Games highlighted RallyMobile’s product, as the one that stood out amid its focus on privacy and security, with the non-custodial solution allowing users to always maintain ownership of their wallet’s private keys.

The Deep Dive Rewards game developer said RallyMobile has saved weeks of development, design, testing, security optimization, and long-term maintenance. The company plans to integrate the solution across different environments. 

Taki Games also announced a merger with Unite, a web3 startup focused on empowering creators and the community.


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