Shib Teases Fans with an Exciting Shiberse Metaverse Project

Blockchain ecosystem Shiba has teased fans on Twitter that it is planning to leap into the metaverse, announcing Shiberse as an immersive experience for the virtual world.
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  • The Shiba blockchain ecosystem could be joining the metaverse soon.
  • Shib teased fans on Twitter about an upcoming Shiberse project.
  • Shiberse is an immersive experience for the Shiba ecosystem and the Metaverse space.

The Shiba ecosystem, the blockchain project behind Shiba meme coins, has teased its metaverse project. Shiba posted on Twitter Monday evening announcing Shiberse, which it described as an immersive experience for the Shiba ecosystem and the Metaverse space.

Expressing its excitement for fulfilling a promise made to the fans about surprises in 2022, Shib token announced its first special surprise for the year, hashtagging the ShibArmy.

Shiba said it was reaching new heights in 2022, adding that more will be added in due course.

Although the blockchain company is yet to reveal details about its metaverse project, the image of a Shiba Inu in the jungle holding a hammer in its mouth captioned by a barking sound, ‘Woof!’ suggests it could be an exciting adventure ahead.

Shiberse won’t be the only metaverse project involving dogs. Dogami, which recently received backing from several GameFi venture capital firms, is another pet-themed metaverse project created within a new virtual world called Petaverse. 

It is not clear whether this project is tied to the Shiba Inu games, which the gaming community has previously codenamed the Oshiverse, owing to its reaction to the Shiboshi NFTs.

Shib token’s avid Twitter fans were quick to question the suitability of Shiberse as the name for the metaverse project, with one user saying it would have been better if Shib chose ShibVerse, instead.

“Not a big deal, I just think the letter V is needed so people know it’s a Metaverse project.  SHIBVerse.  Idk.  Still good news anyway,” Shib Meme Master wrote.

There is also speculation regarding the concept of the project. Some think the jungle could relate to something about buying digital plots of land, while the hammer may be indicative of building projects. This would be very similar to the Axie Infinity gaming ecosystem.

Shib is one of the most popular blockchain ecosystems, drawing backing from multi-billionaire crypto enthusiasts like Elon Musk. Its upcoming metaverse project is already impressing its 2.6 million followers based on Twitter comments.

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