Realio Launches Layer 1 Blockchain Network for Real-World Assets

The company will use Realio Network to connect real-world assets to its multi-chain ecosystem.
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Quick take:

  • Realio has launched the alpha version of its Layer 1 blockchain Realio Network.
  • The multi-chain corporate digital assets investment platform wants to connect real-world assets to its ecosystem.
  • The network has built-in EVM compatibility and two native tokens, $RIO (its utility token) and the hybrid digital security token ($RST).

Realio has announced the alpha launch of its multi-chain blockchain network, Relio Network. The institutional-grade digital assets platform will use the new infrastructure to link together all the tools and features of its ecosystem, enabling users to connect real-world assets to the blockchain.

Realio Network is a layer 1 blockchain built on the Cosmos ecosystem. The Web3 infrastructure is fully open-source, permissionless and multi-chain.

Some of the featured tools services include RealioVerse, a metaverse app that allows users to buy digital land tied to real-world properties. The Realio ecosystem also features a non-custodial DeFi wallet app dubbed Freehold and a decentralised finance platform that allows users to link real-world equities to the blockchain using UniSwap.

Prior to the launch of the Alpha version, the Realio Network ecosystem was successfully battle-tested 100 validators, according to a press release on Monday.

“The launch of the Realio Network marks the release of a fundamental piece of the Realio technology ecosystem,” said Eduardo Romeiro, Co-Founder & Director of Engineering at Realio. “It will enable everything we envision, from the products we aim to build, the community we strive to work with, and ultimately the users we will reach. A strong foundation is critical to support the vision, and for us, the Realio Network is that foundation.”

Realio Network enables the issuance and transfer of user-created assets across its interoperable multi-chain ecosystem. Any asset tokens created on the Network can be hosted on several Layer-1 blockchains.

The network also has built-in EVM compatibility and features two native tokens, including Realio’s utility token, $RIO (Realio Network Token), and its hybrid digital security token, $RST (Realio Security Token).

Although Web3 funding and NFT activity are yet to hit the highs experienced 12 months ago, linking real-world assets to the blockchain has emerged as a potential catalyst for the next growth of the industry.


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