OKX Chain Teams Up with Unstoppable Domains to Integrate .Crypto Domains

OKX Chain has taped into Unstoppable Domains’ technology to integrate simply crypto deposits and withdrawals with a .crypto domain for wallets.
Image source: Unstoppable Domains

Quick take:

  • OKX Chain has collaborated with Unstoppable Domains to integrate .crypto domains.
  • The fiat-focused crypto exchange platform is tapping onto the NFT-domain issuer’s technology to simplify withdrawals and deposits.
  • Unstoppable Domains allows crypto platforms to create unique domains tied to a specific wallet not linked to the government or DNS registrars.

Unstoppable Domains has extended its list of partnerships with OKX Chain, the blockchain unit of the OKX crypto exchange platform. The fiat-focused exchange platform wants to integrate .crypto domains to simplify deposits and withdrawals. 

Unstoppable Domains is a web3 domain platform that allows users to create a simple blockchain address that they can use to receive and make payments. 

Its services have become popular this year amid the need for simpler and more secure login credentials on leading marketplaces. Unstoppable Domains use NFT technology to create unique blockchain-based IDs. 

In addition to simplifying crypto payments and enabling censorship resistance websites, OKX Chain users will be able to log in to over 270 apps, metaverses, games and decentralised marketplaces that have already adopted Unstoppable Domains for more secure logins. 

Commenting on the new integration, Sandy Carter, SVP Business Development and Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains, said: “In recent decades, Asian markets have been pivotal in tech adoption, and we are determined to bring digital identity to every user in the world. OKX is the best known Asia-originated crypto app brand – recognized by 65% of traders in Asia – and we’re thrilled to partner with their chain OKC to bring easy crypto transactions and web3 identity to millions.”

On the other hand, Chai Li, Head of Ecosystem at OKX Chain commented: “Transferring crypto can be confusing, and we’re always looking for ways to make it simpler, so partnering with Unstoppable was a no-brainer. With Unstoppable, we’re giving users more ways to pursue their own brand of financial liberty.”

Blockchain domains use smart contract technologies to ensure that any website that adopts the web3 domain is resistant to censorship. Therefore, users can easily send or receive payments from a blockchain address by simply typic the recipient’s or sender’s NFT domain name.

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