Draper University and CEEK Collaborate to Launch Metaverse Hacker House

CEEK VR has partnered with Draper University to launch a VR and metaverse hacker house to build experiential designations for the CEEK Metaverse.
Image source: CEEK

Quick take:

  • CEEK has teamed up with Draper Univesity to launch “The House of CEEK”.
  • The VR and metaverse hacker house will host top applicants to build experiential destinations for the CEEK metaverse.
  • Tim Draper, head of Draper Univesity believes the collaboration could revolutionize and evolve traditional sectors.

CEEK VR is taking a deep dive into the metaverse with a project dubbed “The House of CEEK”.  The VR and metaverse hacker house is created in collaboration with Draper Univesity. 

CEEK and Draper University will invite applicants to participate in building experiential destinations for the CEEK metaverse for a chance to win over $160k in cash, tokens, and virtual land. The project will be held at Draper University’s immersive campus in Silicon Valley.

According to Tim Draper, the head of Draper University, the partnership could be the key to unlocking the digital potential of traditional sectors. 

“The Metaverse has the ability to completely change entertainment and education as we know it. At Draper University we are incredibly excited to partner with CEEK to both support their growth, with a first-of-its-kind VR builder Hacker House and to launch our virtual campus, adding a new dimension to entrepreneurial education,” he said.

Asra Nadeem, CEO of Draper University believes that the collaboration is a clear illustration of the institution’s position as a pioneering brand.

“This is a completely unique experience for the selected VR builders. Making the top 20 means you have already won! You have the ability to stay on campus in the heart of Silicon Valley, learn from Draper U veterans and battle it out to further walk away with cash, prizes and tokens, thanks to CEEK. The experience will be incredible and what’s created will be shared with millions of users on the platform,” Nadeem added.

Draper University is not the only learning institution in the US exploring opportunities in the metaverse. Earlier this month, the Univesity of Houston teamed up with Nvidia, TechnipFMC and the AI Innovation Consortium to launch a project dedicated to advancing the creation of the industrial metaverse.

In July, the University of Tokyo launched a project that will offer learning programs in the metaverse.

CEEK’s Chief Executive Officer, Mary Spio thinks the collaboration will create a space for groundbreaking innovations.

“We are excited to partner with Draper University for the ability to tap into their network and expertise in accelerating blockchain ecosystems. The novelty of creating a hacker house-style program for builders on campus with a truly vibrant cohort just made sense. In addition to building entertainment properties in the metaverse, we are excited about how learning experiences will take shape. That is why we have partnered with DraperU on their entrepreneurial-focused programs as a platform provider,” she said.

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