Oasys Expands Games and Dapps Exposure with DappRadar Integration

From today, the games and decentralised apps on its network will be listed on DappRadar.
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Quick take:

  • Oasys is seeking to increase the accessibility and visibility of its web3 offerings.
  • DappRadar visitors will be able to access Oasys network projects directly from the rankings and the Oasys chain.
  • Two of the Oasys network-based play-to-earn games have already made it to the top 10 in the rankings as of January 11.

Oasys Network has announced its integration with the world’s first dApp store DappRadar to increase the accessibility and visibility of its projects. The gaming-focused network will allow DappRadar visitors to access games and dApps directly from the ranking and the Oasys chain.

DappRadar’s dApp discovery and ranking explorer allows users to easily search and find decentralized applications, digital assets and NFTs. This feature will make Oasys games and dApps more discoverable and trackable. By applying a filter in their searches, users can discover different projects by Verses (Layer-2 on Oasys). 

Oasys chain uses a dual-layer architecture to increase network stability and scalability, which is an important factor in ensuring seamless operation of Web3 games. The Hub Layer, which is an L1 EVM-compatible proof-of-stake ecosystem provides a strong foundation and security for the network, whereas, its layer2 or Versus Layers allow developers to launch customised dApps. 

The dApp discovery platform already tracks seven different Verses and the Oasys Hub-Layer. Five of the few projects currently being tracked have climbed to the top 30 in the rankings, with two play-to-earn games Chain Colosseum Phoenix and OasChoice in the top 10, as of January 11.

Commenting on the announcement, Daiki Moriyama, Director of Oasys said: “We are thrilled to have our games and dApps listed on DappRadar, the most popular dApp discovery platform in the world. By leveraging DappRadar’s extensive reach and user-friendly interface, we are confident that more gamers and blockchain enthusiasts will discover and engage with the unique experiences we offer.”

This integration is part of Oasys chain’s campaign to be the leading blockchain for games and dApps. The company sees the listing on DappRadar as an opportunity to attract a larger audience to its network.


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