NFT Project CryptoSkulls Awakens, Hits $44.65M in Trading Volume In the Last 7 Days

“Rediscovered” on Jan 11, 2019 NFT project CryptoSkulls awakened to see its sales volume spike five times in seven days.
Image source: CryptoSkulls

Quick take:

  • The project had been dormant for a few years until Gary Vaynerchuk started tweeting about it.
  • It’s now number two of Top NFTs on OpenSea.
  • Average price of CryptoSkulls has increased five times since Jan 11.

CryptoSkulls, which has proclaimed itself as “one of the first 10,000 pfp (profile picture) NFT projects stored the Ethereum blockchain” from 2019, saw a sudden spike in trading volume in the last seven days. 

This came after entrepreneur and NFT collector Gary Vaynerchuk “discovered” the project last week. Other famous collectors of CryptoSkulls include Steve Aoki, GMoney, FVCKRENDER, ThankYouX, Matt Medved and Brooklyn Beckham.

Self-proclaimed NFT archaeologist Leonidas.eth on Twitter “confirmed” the project’s “historical significance” as the second-ever pfp project after CryptoPunks.

CryptoSkulls has been dormant for the past year, although award-winning crypto artist and self-proclaimed crypto anthropologist Eric Rhodes started bringing attention to the project in Feb 2021.

In the last seven days, CryptoSkulls is up 2710576.58%, with a trading volume of $44.65 million. Its average sales price shot up almost seven times in a span of four days, going from Ξ0.517 on Jan 11 to its peak of Ξ3.433 on Jan 15 before settling on its current price of Ξ2.5429 today.

As of this article, CryptoSkulls now sits on number two of top NFT collections by 7-day volume, underneath Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). Some people remain sceptical about the project’s revival, doubting CryptoSkulls’ narrative of being the second-ever pfp project and speculating that the surge in volume is a result of NFT influencer pump and dump. 

Launched in May 2019 by artist Alex Sayer, CryptoSkulls had a slow start as its final mint only took place in August 2019, with a portion of the supply held by the CryptoSkulls account.

Besides its 10,000 general supply of pixel-art pfps, the CryptoSkulls team has also released 10 legendary-tier Skull Lords with a rarity index of 1. Out of the 10 Skull Lords, CryptoSkull #19, CryptoSkull #20, and CryptoSkull #42 came with animated YouTube videos.

In October 2020, CryptoSkulls revealed plans to launch a “serious” Crypto game called Gold of Skulls, although it appears that the project has yet to take shape more than a year since the “announcement”.

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