Kawaii Islands Reveals Exciting Plan for Its Great Leap Into the Metaverse

Anime gaming platform, Kawaii Islands is evolving into something much more than taking a step into metaverse after revealing its plan for 2022.
Image Source: Kawaii Isalnds

Quick take:

  • Kawaii Islands has revealed a detailed strategy for 2022.
  • The anime game is doing more than taking a step into the metaverse.
  • Kawaii Islands is launching Kawaiiverse a metaverse gaming ecosystem that will also allow developers to launch non-native games.

Kawaii Islands has revealed its disruptive plan for 2022 that will see it evolve into a metaverse gaming ecosystem. The anime game released a detailed plan for the four quarters this year, beginning with an introduction of mobile apps (android and iOS) for the core game Kawaii Islands.

Image Source: Kawaiiverse Road Map 2022

It also plans to introduce Kawaiiverse during the first quarter of 2022, including Kawaiiverse map and islands sale, infrastructure overview, and new games concept.

But a lot more is scheduled for Q2, with Kawaii Islands looking to launch an Infrastructure as a Service platform, enabling it to support the creation and publication of new games on Kawaiiverse.

The infrastructure will allow developers to launch projects based on Binance Smart Chain, as well as, Orachain, enabling them to launch NFT projects, marketplaces as well as, systems to display transaction history.

It will also support common DeFi mechanisms including staking, bonding/bridging.

Other features that creators and the community can look forward to, including social gaming features and an analytics dashboard.

In the third quarter, Kawaii Islands will officially launch protocols for creators, allowing creators and anime artists to express their creative genius, thereby earning cryptocurrencies from anime fashion, characters, content.

By Q4, Kawaiverse plans to be available to the entire blockchain community, allowing creators to launch metaverse games not native to the platform, as well as, enterprises to adapt their projects to the ecosystem.

Kawaiiverse intends to become the first-ever create-to-earn Anime Metaverse for blockchain.

When revealing its exciting plan for 2022, the company said it wants to create an endless metaverse for everyone.

“Our long term target is to develop and provide creators, publishers, studios with a full set of tools for content and apps development in blockchain, allowing everyone to start their on-chain business in Kawaiiverse.”

Kawaiiverse intends to expand its universe outside of its in-house games. It will leverage the diversity of the blockchain gaming community to bring more uniqueness to the platform, by allowing creators to join the Kawaiiverse and create games and NFTs.

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