Newly Revealed CEO Of Big Eyes Coin Ahmed Yalom Will Hold An AMA on June 22nd

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It looks like the second half of June may turn out to be an interesting one for Big Eyes Coin investors as many exciting things have happened and are planned to happen, depending on what the word exciting means to you. As you know if you’re already an investor, Big Eyes Coin launched on June 15th after an incredibly successful $50 million presale. Unfortunately, it ran into some issues with bots upon launch that have caused some vocal investors to worry, but it looks like the team plans to quell those worries with two things: the reveal of the CEO and an AMA.

Introducing The CEO

The CEO, as well as many other team members behind Big Eyes, including the head of casino, have finally decided to dox themselves now that the presale is over.

An experienced Israeli entrepreneur based in the Cyprus office, Ahmed Yalom seeks to inspire trust and confidence in the minds of institutions and investors. He has experience in the field of fintech was previously the COO of a big international forex exchange before moving on to this project, one he personally believes in. He hopes to legitimise Big Eyes in the eyes of current investors and the rest of the world by introducing a polished and professional image to the realm of meme coins. He also hopes to draw serious participants who may have been hesitant to get started.

Yalom isn’t the only one who has made it their mission to preserve the image of Big Eyes Coin moving forward though. As mentioned before, the head of casino is named Shahab Yaari, an expert in the field of gambling as well as its crossovers to crypto. The 819 casino has is stated to be Big Eyes’ primary focus over the next 6 months. But all of this and more will be answered on June 22nd.


The AMA, an abbreviation for “Ask Me Anything”, will be held on a Big Eyes Coin Social Media platform on June 22nd at 12 PM UTC. It will give all current investor their first opportunity to directly communicate with the CEO now that he’s been unveiled, asking him any questions they’d like; be it about current happenings, future plans or even things they’ve done with the project in the past. Hopeful investors will also be given an opportunity to see how the community responds to this, allowing them to make their decision on whether or not Big Eyes Coin is worth investing in.

AMA’s are perfect opportunities for anyone, from celebrities to business owners, to build a genuine connection with those interested in them. Through this AMA any current worries about the validity of Big Eyes Coin should be quelled as long as the CEO continues this trend of transparency. On the lighter side of things, they’ll get the chance to have fun with some interactions, showing something that can often be forgotten in the world of crypto – the teams behind these projects are just as human as the investors. Most of the time.

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