Nansen Adds Solana Analytics Data from 53,000 NFT Collections on Magic Eden and OpenSea

Nansen’s full Solana integration went live today, enabling users to track NFT data from leading marketplaces, Magic Eden and OpenSea.
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Quick take:

  • 95% of all Solana NFT transactions take place on Magic Eden and OpenSea.
  • Solana reached an all-time high in total NFT sales volume this month.
  • Nansen has been working on the Solana integration for most of Q2.

Nansen today announced that it has added Solana integrated, allowing users to track Solana NFT data analytics on its platform. 

Nansen’s Solana NFT data points, which include minting activity for new projects, who’s buying/selling, hodler activity, are taken from Solana’s leading NFT marketplaces, Magic Eden and OpenSea, where 95% of Solana NFT transactions take place. Nansen’s Solana NFT analytics dashboard now tracks over 53,000 collections using real-time on-chain data.

Nansen has been looking into Solana support for the past few months. It first integrated some of Solana’s analytics in April. Many of Nansen’s Solana NFT analytics dashboards are available for free for Nansen Lite subscribers.

The platform’s Solana NFT analytics offer two main tabs: Market Overview and Mint Master. The first dashboard that users come across is the “24H NFT Market Overview,” which allows users to get a good overview of popular collections based on trading volume, the market capitalisation of the collection, the average price of the NFTs, number of wallets that interacted with the NFT contract and how old the NFT collection is. 

As for Mint Master, it helps surface the signal for new NFT drops and is available for standard tier subscribers. It comes with its own minting leaderboard that showcases the wallets that have made the most profit from minting and how much they have spent on minting.

Speaking to CoinDesk, Paul Harwood, head of product at Nansen said: “We’ve been working on this most of the quarter as hard as we can, really. It feels like we’re quite far ahead from the rest of the ecosystem. I think we have scanned way more contracts than most people, and we’re doing it all on-chain all in real-time.”

While most blue-chip NFT projects are minted on the Ethereum blockchain, Solana NFTs are rising in popularity for their lower transaction costs. Solana reached an all-time high of approximately $298.69 million in total NFT sales volume this month. 

Some of the popular Solana NFTs that contributed to the sales volume include Meerkat Millionaire Country Club, SolPunks, Blockstars, Akuma no Neko, Infinity Labs, Frakt, Portals, Block stars, Solsteads, Solarians, and Thug Birdz. 

Recently, leading Solana NFT marketplace Magic Eden reached unicorn status after raising $130 million in a Series B funding round. 

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