Metaverse Platform Mona Closes $14.6M Series A to Grow its Community of Builders

Mona allows creators to build, mint, and sell interactive metaverse worlds as NFTs.
Image source: Mona

Quick take:

  • The round was co-led by Protocol Labs, Archetype, and Collab+Currency.
  • The world-building platform is free for anyone to use and access via their web browser.
  • Creators can mint their metaverse worlds on Ethereum or Polygon.

Metaverse world-building platform, Mona, announced today that it has raised $14.6 million in an oversubscribed Series A funding round co-led by Protocol Labs, Archetype, and Collab+Currency.

Other Web3 ventures that participated in the round include OpenSea Ventures, Polygon Studios, and ConsenSys Mesh,  Placeholder, Rogue Capital, Synergis, a_capital, Palm Tree Crew Crypto, Venture Reality Fund, SV Angel, Fourth Revolution Capital,, LongHash Ventures, Taavet+Sten, Big Brain Holdings, Everyrealm, Ready Player DAO, POAP Ventures, Gaingels, and The Grey Trust. 

Angel investors include NFT influencer gmoney, Rahilla Zafar, Conlan Rios (founder, Async Art), Miles Anthony (founder, Decentral Games), and Dennison Bertram (founder, Tally).

Mona is a 3D world-building platform that allows creators to build, mint, and sell interactive metaverse creations as NFTs. It is free for anyone to use and access via their web browser and creators can mint their experiential virtual worlds on Ethereum or Polygon.

More than 3,000 users are already using Mona to build and showcase photorealistic works of architecture, art, dynamic 3D gardens, immersive POAP scavenger hunts, virtual events and concerts, and escape rooms.

Every environment is fully multiplayer, supporting hundreds of users with voice chat, text chat, hyperlinking, and token-gated access.

“Our mission at Mona is to make the metaverse a social network where creators can thrive. A place to build worlds, not walls,” said Justin Melillo, Mona CEO and co-founder. “With the closing of this round, we will continue to grow our global, vibrant community of builders as we onboard thousands of new creators to the open metaverse and web3. The metaverse doesn’t have to belong to big tech companies – it can, and will, be a place for everyone.”

Co-founded by Justin Melillo and Matthew Hoerl, Mona aims to create an open metaverse where anyone can create and sell metaverse NFTs with no upfront cost or land purchases. 

While many metaverse platforms capitalise on the growing market by selling land, real estate and other virtual assets, Mona wants to allow creators to develop their art freely and make a living by building in the metaverse without facing financial limitations. 

“Mona’s vision for the metaverse – a real-time 3D social network experienced synchronously with others – innovates on the legacy design space of previous blockchain-based digital environments. It is a zero-to-one upgrade for digital environment creators and participants, powered by Mona’s open standards and powerful tokenization tools,” said Derek Edward Schloss of Collab+Currency. “Mona’s metaverse has the potential to alter how society, culture, and economics weave together in a new digital paradigm.”

The platform is currently building out its team and is currently hiring a growth marketing lead, a full-stack engineer and a unity developer.

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