Moralis Launches Metaverse Software Development Kit for Web3 Games and DApps

Popular backend infrastructure for blockchain projects, Moralis has launched a supercharged Software Development Kit (SDK) for metaverse projects.
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  • Moralis the backend infrastructure for blockchain projects on Tuesday released a metaverse Software Development Kit (SDK).
  • The kit will facilitate the supercharged development of Web3 games and metaverse applications.
  • The SDK is linked with the leading game development environment Unity, enabling the quick addition of Web3 features to metaverse apps.

On Tuesday, Moralis announced the release of its Software Development Kit (SDK), a backend platform for metaverse projects. Moralis is a popular backend infrastructure provider for the development of blockchain projects, with more than 65,000 teams already using the platform.

The SDK will facilitate the supercharged development of Web3 games and metaverse applications. The kit is linked with the leading game development ecosystem Unity, thus enabling a quick addition of Web3 features to metaverse applications.

Moralis enables developers to reduce the time taken to launch blockchain projects by up to 87% by utilizing the backend code. The fully managed, infinitely scalable enterprise-grade infrastructure can be deployed in the development of DeFi, NFT marketplaces, and multi-chain Wallet projects. 

With the SDK, developers will be able to add Web3 games and metaverse apps to that list.

The metaverse has emerged as one of the most exciting developments in the blockchain space, creating a whole new world of virtual interactions. Ivan on Tech, Co-Founder of Moralis thinks the timing is right for the SDK launch.

In a statement sent to media houses, he said “this is a great time for us to introduce the Moralis Metaverse SDK. The SDK comes with crucial Unity integration and puts powerful metaverse game development capabilities right at the developers’ fingertips.”

It has attracted celebrities from the music industry, notable cryptocurrency figures and venture capitalists. 

Moralis wants to take the metaverse to the next level by making the development of Web3 projects as smooth and easy as possible. Therefore, developers need to be equipped with the right tools, which is where the SDK comes in.

And with its experience in supporting blockchain projects, it is in the best position to extend that to Web3 with the launch of the metaverse SDK. The SDK has already been used to great success by early adopters, which is why SuperFarm Co-Founder, Elliot Wainman thinks it is now ready for the market.

“The preview of the SDK we’ve used has been a very critical piece in the development of the SuperFarm ecosystem. We believe the wider ecosystem will find it incredibly valuable.”

Developers using Moraluis SDK will be able to sync their items from Moralis-supported chains to WalletConnect, thereby enabling them to support NFT in-game trades.

The integration with the cross-platform ecosystem, Unity will also allow programmers to develop metaverse apps supporting all Moralis’ chains, as well as, gaming platforms, including the web, Windows, Mac, Xbox, Playstation.

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