NPIXEL to Launch Its First Web3 Game ‘Gran Saga: Unlimited’ on Aptos Network

NPIXEL’s Web3 gaming ecosystem, METAPIXEL, is launching its first Web3 game powered by the Aptos network.
Image source: Aptos

Quick take:

  • Gran Saga: Unlimited will be a Web3 adaptation of NPIXEL’s original Web2 title, Gran Saga.
  • The game will be built on the Aptos network and is part of NPIXEL’s metaverse gaming universe, METAPIXEL.
  • Game testing will begin in Q1 2023.

After announcing its partnership with Aptos, South Korean Triple-A gaming studio, NPIXEL, will be launching its first-ever MMORPG Web3 game this year.

NPIXEL’s Web3 gaming ecosystem, METAPIXEL, is set to launch a brand new Web3 MMORPG titled Gran Saga: Unlimited, the first game built on the Aptos network. 

The game is based on the original Web2 Gran Saga IP, a mobile & PC cross-platform game anime-style MMORPG which was released in Korea and Japan in 2021 and globally in 2022. It quickly became one of the top-performing mobile games on the Apple App store in Korea with 4 million downloads since its release.

Utilising METAPIXEL’s underlying blockchain technology powered by Aptos, players will be able to earn in-game assets and mint gaming equipment as NFTs, which they can then trade on NFT marketplaces built on the Aptos Network. The game will be launched for PC first and subsequently for iOS and Android.

While Web2 gamers have been known to challenge gaming studios’ pivot to Web3, reception to the announcement of Gran Saga: Unlimited has been positive on Twitter.

In its partnership with NPIXEL, Aptos aims to provide a fast and secure network on which developers and gamers can easily build and play games in a multi-asset environment where token storage is safe.

Aptos claims to have subsecond latency on its mainnet, making the gaming experience quick and responsive. It also has user-focused safeguards that are engineered to protect users at the blockchain layer, such as key rotation, account recovery, and transaction pre-execution, thereby keeping users’ assets safe.

METAPIXEL said that Gran Saga: Unlimited will be a different genre to its flagship title and that it will be closer to a classic MMORPG style. Testing for the game will begin in Q1 this year, ahead of the global public release in Q2. 

The team will recruit alpha testers via their Discord channel, to be launched soon. METAPIXEL will hold several playtests of the game in the coming months to improve its blockchain features prior to the official launch.



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