MetaX Exchange Launches ‘Sweep the Floor’ Campaign to Support Gaming and Metaverse NFT Projects

MetaX Exchange, the GameFi and Metaverse multi-service platform, has announced its ‘Sweep the Floor’ campaign to support gaming and metaverse NFT projects.

What is ‘Sweep the Floor’ and how can it benefit NFT projects?

Project owners and buyers can both be said to “Sweep the Floor.” Sweeping the floor refers to project owners purchasing all of their NFTs at their Floor Price. In contrast, purchasers who “sweep the floor” buy either all the tokens on offer or a significant portion of the project’s NFTs. With this campaign, MetaX will select three gaming and metaverse NFT projects to sweep the floor and partner with benefits!

The benefits of the ‘Sweep the Floor’ campaign include:

  • MetaX Exchange will purchase your project’s NFTs at floor price and list them at our GameFi/Metaverse NFT Marketplace;
  • AMAs and marketing cross-promotions to introduce your project to our community;
  • Game days and giveaways with crypto prizes to the project’s community;
  • Posts and threads about your project;
  • Your game will be part of MetaX Game Guild.

Why should gaming and metaverse NFT projects join the ‘Sweep the Floor’ campaign?

MetaX Exchange is aiming to support the growth and promotion of NFT projects in the area of Metaverse and GameFi. With the ‘Sweep the Floor’ campaign, MetaX Exchange will help select gaming and metaverse NFT projects reach a wider audience and gain more visibility.

As an NFT project, founders will benefit from:

Increased visibility and credibility
By participating in the ‘Sweep the Floor’ campaign, founders have the opportunity to work with a reputable exchange platform, which will help increase their visibility and credibility within the gaming and metaverse communities.

Access to a global community
MetaX Exchange is a global platform, which means the selected NFT projects will be exposed to a wider audience. With the support of MetaX Exchange, the projects can reach new customers and gain more exposure for your project.

Support and promotion
MetaX Exchange is committed to supporting and promoting the growth of gaming and metaverse NFT projects. By partnering with MetaX Exchange, founders will have access to a range of benefits, including AMAs, game days, giveaways, and more. This can help you build a stronger community and promote the long-term success of your project.

How to participate in the ‘Sweep the Floor’ campaign?

To participate in the ‘Sweep the Floor’ campaign, your NFT project must meet the following requirements:

  • Have an active and engaging community
  • Gaming/Metaverse theme
  • Incentivize your community to list and subscribe to MetaX Marketplace
  • Have a long-term plan to utility for the community

MetaX Exchange’s “Sweep the Floor” campaign provides a unique opportunity for gaming and metaverse NFT projects to gain exposure, incentivize holders, and provide immediate liquidity. 

Participating projects will also have a chance to be part of the MetaX Game Guild and collaborate with other gaming and metaverse NFT projects to create an immersive and interconnected metaverse experience. 

This article is provided by a third party and does not represent the opinions of NFTgators. Do your own due diligence.

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