Ledger Targets Security and Transparency with New NFT Marketplace

Leading hardware and security company Ledger has launched an NFT marketplace focused on offering secure and transparent NFT trading services.
Image source: ledger.com

Quick take:

  • Crypto wallet service provider Ledger has launched an NFT marketplace.
  • The hardware and security company announced Ledger Market, a platform that looks to provide secure and transparent NFT trading.
  • Ledger announced on Wednesday at NFT.NYC is also rolling out a suite of products focused on Web3 education and security.

Ledger has jumped on the NFT bandwagon after launching Ledger Market, an NFT marketplace dedicated to providing secure and transparent NFT trading services. The company announced its new product on Wednesday at the Ledger Op3n conference at NFT.NYC.

The crypto wallet service provider also said it will introduce a suite of other products focused on web3 education and security. 

Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier said the platform emphasizes clear-signing, a process that helps NFT traders avoid scams. It is an element of the industry that seems to have gone to the back-burner over the last few years amid the explosive growth of Web3. Gauthier highlighted a lack of proper security as being “one of the industry’s biggest problems.”

The company’s new NFT platform has already wooed some of the most exciting brands to Ledger Market, including NFT projects by LVMH’s Tag Heuer, NFT collection DeadFellaz and Brick/Babylon.

Ledger is also targeting the mainstream industry with a new platform called Ledger Enterprise Create, which will allow companies to scale their Web3 projects and securely join the NFT space.

Gauthier likens the adoption of NFTs in the mainstream to the early 2000s when every company was looking to launch a website. However, there is a notable lack of transparency between the parties involved.

Ledger Enterprise Create’s purpose will be to give brands and creators complete control of their assets.

“What we want to do at Ledger is to accompany creators and brands throughout their NFT journey and to secure the whole stack from minting the NFT to distribution into production,” said Gauthier.

Gauthier claims that more than two million people use its platform, with at least 20% of digital assets globally protected by its technology. Launched in 2014 as a bitcoin wallet, it has since expanded its ecosystem, most recently pivoting to web3 with the latest products.

Last month, the company launched Ledger Connect, a hardware wallet that can be connected to Web3 applications.

The company has launched Ledger Quest, a learn-to-earn Web3-focused game with NFT rewards created to help users understand various technologies and their use cases.

Ledger has created a team of A-list celebrities as ambassadors to help educate the communities about Web3. Some notable names include Mike Shinoda, Deadfellaz, Dan Held and Bobby Hundreds.

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