Job Opportunities in NFT Companies are Exponentially Increasing

A search on LinkedIn shows 358 results for job opportunities in NFT and Web3 companies over the past week.
Image source: Alexander Shatov on Unsplash.

Quick take:

  • Some of the roles in these NFT companies are not Web3-related.
  • These include ‘Head of IRL’, video editor, executive assistant, financial controller, HR manager and more.
  • This signals the growth of the NFT and Web3 market as more players enter the space.

Job opportunities in NFT and Web3 companies have exponentially increased over the last two months. A search on LinkedIn shows 358 results for jobs in Web3 companies in the past week, a 13-fold increase compared to the 26 jobs posted over two weeks from mid to end-February.

The roles are also increasingly varied, and some are not NFT or Web-3 related as companies will still need to fill other positions such as video editor, executive assistant, financial controller, HR manager, and other operational roles to function.

Perhaps the most interesting role is for Head of IRL at Tom Brady’s sports and entertainment NFT platform, Autograph. While Web2 brands and companies are looking to expand their brand presence in Web 3 and connect with their audience in the metaverse, NFT companies still can’t ignore the value of engaging with users offline via live events.

As the job ad states, Autograph is exploring several opportunities in the live event space and working with a world-class, third-party event production company. According to the job description, this Head of IRL role requires an executive who can collaborate with the event production company on how to design, develop and operate extraordinary live events that will impress Autograph’s community.

The company currently has 13 job openings including several marketing roles across different seniority and experience levels. 

Digital sports NFT platform Fanatics, which has 10 job openings, is also looking for an events and trade show specialist to coordinate and execute multiple events at any one time. Other open roles in the company include graphic designer and brand manager.

The Web3 platform with the largest number of job openings is, with 57 roles available across various functions such as social content, marketing, creative director for NFT, and digital and motion graphics designer, among others. The jobs are spread across different cities including Singapore, Hong Kong, London, and Dublin.

Crypto media platform Cointelegraph has posted 33 job ads looking for senior social media copywriters, campaign managers, and strategists located in different cities in the US. 

Founded in 2021, Florida-based NFT ecosystem for art and culture, Palm NFT Studio, has 11 job openings for content, copy, marketing, concept art and graphic design roles. The startup announced a $27 million Series B funding in December last year led by Microsoft’s venture fund M12. 

The huge number of job ads signals the growth of the NFT and Web3 market as more players enter the space. This includes Zynga who is looking for a lead producer – blockchain and NFT after the game publisher’s vice-president of blockchain gaming, Matt Wolf, said in February that he’s building a new team for P2E games.

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