How To Make Money Online: Staking Polygon and Solana and Caged Beasts Coin Referral Offer are Top Choices

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The crypto world holds within itself the promise of a financially secure future for prudent investors with an eye for projects with potential. Staking is one way to get a steady and stable stream of passive income from crypto, and the Solana (SOL) and Polygon (MATIC) figures are at the top of the list for best cryptos to stake with.

Also, those looking to earn passive income from crypto now have the option of a unique referral scheme with the Caged Beasts Coin (BEASTS) project. Read on to find out why staking SOL and MATIC and BEASTS’ free referral scheme makes it a top choice in the market. 

Polygon Staking: Answering Your How to Make A Passive Income Questions

Polygon is envisioned as a layer-2 scaling solution that can supercharge the Ethereum blockchain. The network upgrades the Ethereum blockchain by employing sidechains, ZK-rollups, and optimistic rollups. The rollup solution of processing transactions entails transactions bundled off-chain and then processed on the mainnet as a single entity. Using rollups, Polygon significantly enhances Ethereum’s scalability. The use of rollups makes Polygon significantly faster and more efficient than the Ethereum network, and it also has very low transaction fees making it the perfect place to build dApps.

The network’s native currency MATIC is the 13th largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of more than 6 billion. The network uses a proof of stake (PoS) consensus mechanism to make it possible to earn money online with MATIC staking. The average staking rewards for MATIC typically fall within the range of 4% to 6.5%, offering investors an opportunity to generate passive income.

Solana: The High-Speed Route for Passive Income

Solana stands apart from other scalable blockchains by processing up to 50,000 transactions per second. Along with its high speed, the network achieves remarkable scalability and robust security with its proof-of-history (PoH) consensus mechanism. PoH is a variation of PoS and uses staked tokens to secure the network.

Similar to Polygon, the Solana network has low fees in addition to its scalability credentials. SOL returns staking rewards up to 5.5%. The network’s high potential makes it one of the best cryptos. The network popularity among developers is sure to increase staking potential in the network in the future.

Caged Beasts Coin: Revolutionary Referral Scheme for Free Crypto

While Polygon and Solana garner followers with their staking rewards, Caged Beasts Coin introduces a credible alternative to generating passive income in the world of cryptocurrencies. The project’s unique referral scheme presents its holders with an opportunity to make free cryptos. The project allocates every holder with a unique referral with which they can refer friends and family to the network.

When someone makes a deposit using a referral code, the code owner receives 20% of the deposit in ETH, USDT, or BNB, while the new investor enjoys an additional 20% in $BEASTS. The rewards in ETH, USDT, or BNB are instantly credited to the holder’s wallet. Furthermore, the program offers unlimited income potential, positioning it as an asset with exceptional performance.

Apart from the lucrative referral program, the project has become an investor’s darling with its transparent policies. The project has an open liquidity policy, which dedicates 75% of tokens for the presale and the remainder for marketing efforts. The transparency gives the project strong credibility in the meme coin niche and underscores its clear direction.

The Final Take

Polygon and Solana offer great staking rewards and are among the top cryptos to make money online. The networks belong to the top of staking assets with their scalable and high-performance blockchains. Meanwhile, Caged Beasts Coin has opened a new frontier in cryptocurrencies with its referral program that lets holders earn significant amounts of free crypto. The network’s liquidity is in lockstep with its referral program in attracting investors with great earning potential and a clear sense of direction.

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