Google Updates Crypto Ad Policy to Allow Advertising for NFT Games

Adverts must meet specific requirements and be certified by Google.
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Quick take:

  • Google has updated its crypto ads policy, clarifying rules for blockchain games.
  • Advertisers will be allowed to run ads for NFT games that do not promote gambling.
  • Ads must also meet specific requirements and be certified by Google.

Google has continued to soften its stance on crypto after announcing a policy update that allows advertisers to run ads for NFT games. This follows the technology giant’s Play Store policy update that paves the way for developers to list NFT games.

In the crypto ad policy update, which becomes effective on September 15, 2023, NFT game ads must meet specific requirements and be certified by Google. Advertisers will be able to run ads for blockchain games that do not promote gambling, the policy states.

These changes come at a time when the crypto market is experiencing a downturn and NFT gaming activity is on the decline. 

In a recent Interview with NFTgators, Alex Salnikov, the co-founder and chief strategy officer at Rarible said Google’s recent updates could be a signal that major tech players are recognising blockchain’s potential. 

“This move opens the door for more users to explore decentralized applications and fosters innovation among developers,” Salnikov said regarding the recent Play Store policy update. 

On the other hand, Bertrand Perez, the CEO of Web3 Foundation maintained that it is not clear how Play Store is impacting blockchain companies. 

However, in a Q&A with NFTgators, he stated that this could be “[a sign] of a broader convergence where more and more traditional players are accepting the potential and uses of blockchain technology.”

Google is doubling down on its commitment to balance innovation and responsible ads for the new space by allowing NFT game ads that promote in-game purchases of items like virtual apparel, weapons, or armour that enhance the user’s experience.

However, the company maintains it will continue to prohibit game ads where players can wager or stake NFTs to win crypto and other NFT prizes, including simulated casino games that offer NFT rewards and ads containing links that lead users to NFT gambling sites.

Although violations could lead to potential suspension of the advertiser accounts, Google will issue a warning at least seven days in advance of any suspension.


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