Flare Partners Fan Controlled Football DAO to Power the League’s Collectible NFTs

The decentralised smart contracts infrastructure Flare, has partnered with Fan Controlled Football (FCF) to power its NFTs and DAO platform.
Image Source: FCF.io

Quick Take:

  • Flare announced on Tuesday a partnership with Fan Controlled Football to power its DAO and NFT collectibles platform.
  • Flare is a scalable decentralized smart contract platform that brought EVM compatible smart contracts to XRP and Doge, among others.
  • The partnership will help create the first professional sports team controlled by a DAO on a blockchain.

Flare the blockchain infrastructure for smart contracts has teamed up with Fan Controlled Football (FCF) to develop a blockchain-based Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO) for the popular 7-aside real-world professional sports league.

Flare is popular for helping bring Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-based smart contracts to simple payment platforms like XRP and Doge. Its partnership with FCF will help power the league’s collectible NFTs whilst also setting the stage for a DAO voting platform, making it the first professional sports team controlled by a DAO on a blockchain.

FCF’s first-ever commemorative season v1.0 NFTs will feature key moments from the existing V1.0, including:

  • Johnny Manziel’s first snap in the league.
  • Josh “Flash” Gordon’s game-winning hail mary catch in his first FCF game.
  • The fan-called, game-winning walk-off touchdown in the FCF People’s Championship game.

FCF will continue to capture key moments in upcoming seasons, starting with Season V2.0, which will then be offered to fans through play-to-earn NFT drops. The rewards will be based on the fans involvement in drafting the players and calling the plays in real-time.

The partnership will also lay down the framework for a future expansion team, bringing in blockchain-based voting, built on Flare. The DAO will give power to the community, thus enabling the creation of the first professional sports team controlled by a DAO on the blockchain.

The DAO expansion will remain committed to FCF’s vision of utilizing a unique mix of teams, featuring among others, the recently added Ballerz Collective and two NFT-controlled teams, owned by, among others, Steve Aoki, 888, Tiki and Ronde Barber, and the Knights of Degen NFT community.

Commenting on the partnership with FCF, Hugo Philion, CEO and Co-Founder, Flare said, “utilizing DAOs and NFTs built on Flare means the relationship football fans have craved for years but the existing commercial model of sport prevented is now possible. Excitingly, season 2  will be exploding from Twitch into the metaverse and beyond.”

Sohrob Farudi, CEO and Co-Founder of Fan Controlled Football was equally excited to work with Flare, noting, “building on Flare allows us to tap into communities and ecosystems like XRP, DOGE, and Litecoin that were previously closed to the world of NFTs and blockchain-based play-to-earn gaming.”

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